• Yes, Please do.

    I own a Macbook, and I really like it. Don't you think apple should lower their price tag on their product? It would be more convenient for people. Apple has a wonderful operating system, and everyone should have the opportunity to work with the great piece of technology in our time.

  • Sales Have dropped

    One thing is clear. Apple makes amazing products. I personally own an iphone X but i believe the price should be lowered so more people can afford it. A price drop would generate more sales which in turn will generate the profit lost from the margin of whatever profit they make. Iphone X has not preformed as they hoped and they have lost ground. A Price drop would put them back on top as more people switch to the cheaper Android while Apple is 100% better. Being cheaper and better will give them control of the market once again. Not saying I don't like certain Android features. The customization is huge.

  • Yes! ! !

    I think they should lower their prices because if they don't, they might lose the battle against Microsoft and Android. If they lower prices, they will get more people to buy their devices, which also means more money. Everyone deserves an Apple device. It's powerful and also easy to use.

  • Apple would be making a larger profit, which helps us

    If Apple lowered their prices, more people would buy their products, and the will be making more money. If they were making more money, they would be able to make the newer generations of technology faster,because they would have the money and everyone would be happier because the quality would be better as well. We all would be able to enjoy Apple.

  • Apple would be making a larger profit, which helps us

    If Apple lowered their prices, more people would buy their products, and the will be making more money. If they were making more money, they would be able to make the newer generations of technology faster,because they would have the money and everyone would be happier because the quality would be better as well. We all would be able to enjoy Apple.

  • Absolutely, Yes...Please lower the prices!

    I own a Macbook Pro, and love it. I started on Apple 2C and had to go to PC because of the prices. 20 years later I finally went back to Mac and absolutely love it. I think everyone should have a Mac. After all, it runs both Mac and PC. But for the product pricing, it's way too much for everything. I want to buy more Apple products, but today I do not have to have everything they make. For example, the Thunderbolt display; I want to buy one, but $1000 for a 2011 product is ridiculous. Especially considering many people have written about their problems with it. And the Time Capsule, I want it, but now competitors are making the same, newly updated products for a lot less money that do the same thing.

    But in the end, I cannot spend that much money on everything. Therefore, I will have to shop with the competitors because they are cheaper and have updated products. Sorry Apple...But I do love the Macbook Pro and will keep this forever!!!

  • Definitely maybe nah

    They are in fact way too expensive, they're great, but the truth is they are great because of the operating system and the external looks. Especially earlier this year when the Macs in Thailand got an unannounced 21% price bump I decided to not buy that new MacBook after all, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Who wants to pay 21% more the next day instead of 21% off, that's the world upside down. BUT ...Maybe not, if we are totally honest, we enjoy having notebooks that are elite, sure the guy next to you is killing it on some video game that won't ever be released for OS X but you having this electronic gem shows status, everyone always says they don't care what other people think but is that really true? If the price would be lowered it would become too much of a common thing I guess. So just refresh your product one year later than planned if you are willing to pay this much.

  • A phone shouldn't be more than the cost of a laptop

    Most people switch to android mainly because of the price. I know a lot of people are against lowering because apple would lose its luxury status but come on... I don't want to pay 800 or even 1000 euros for a phone. I checked the prices when 6s and 6s plus came out and if you looked at the website, the plus version costed more than some of their laptops...Lower the price a bit, it will still be quite expensive and A LOT more people will buy it!

  • Technology and quality is getting cheaper, Apple is not.

    I've been extremely disappointed with Apple in the long run, their products look amazing but are far less affordable compared to other products using the same technology. Now is a time when you don't have to spend $700 on a nice phone or $3000 on a computer than can handle performance intensive programs. I love that Apple puts that much more work into their products, and believe me, they are good, but I've found all of my iPhones and Apple computers to have been actually very glitchy and somewhat disappointing, especially for the prices. Apple is already the richest tech company in the world, lowering their prices to a somewhat more reasonable level will not damage the company or their reputation, it will actually get more people buying their products and help to spread the mass phasing in of newer technologies. But currently, Apple is not willing to lose money in the short term to make more in the long, and the stagnation of quality and price is allowing other platforms like Android to gain serious competition

  • They are lossing coustomers

    You would think that such a big organisation and successful business would listen to what their customers want I personally love apple but I can't afford to buy a brand new iPhone I have never owned a brand new iPhone I buy second hand ones. I support apple and love them but their prices are crazy, by the time I have enough money to buy the new iPhone another new one is out. Please Apple lower your prices

  • If it's too expensive for you, don't buy it

    It's been proven countless times that Apple products cost more than their counter-parts. You're basically paying extra for the label and perhaps interface. If people stop buying their products, or at least a certain product, it will reflect in their sales leading them to either discontinuing/ lowering the price of their product. Besides, they are allowed to charge whatever price they want.

  • It's extremely selfish at ask that.

    Rather than looking at the world as owing you something, look at the world from a general perspective. What percentage of the world even has access to Apple products? What about what percentage of humans who have ever lived? Significantly less than 0.1%, that is for sure. So that means you are already extremely lucky to be able to purchase them, even if they send you to the poor house. If that were the case, then don't purchase them. But think of what lower prices mean for the rest of the world. If the iPad was made in America, with American wages, it would cost over $15,000. Please re-read that last sentence. And yet, you want to LOWER the current price? Do you know what that means for the people who make it? You want to basically exploit poor, starving people in other countries FURTHER so that your already extremely privileged self can be that lucky 0.1% with even less sacrifice on your part. Wow.

  • The quality is better

    Apple computers last longer. I bought one $3000 iMac which has lasted three times as long as a $1000 PC. They don't become obsolete as quickly and don't pick up innumerable virus's in constant need of fixing. Apple should charge more because their products are worth more.

  • The quality will go down.

    If you lower the price the quality of the products would go down a ton. I think the price you pay is the price of quality and hard work. On average apple products function better than Microsoft, HP and basically every other type of hardware/software manufacturer. So the price should stay where it is.

  • Apple is the DEVIL!

    They charge 970 and change for a phone it costs them less than 200 to manufacture LABOR INCLUDED ... Now times that by like 50 million phones.. AND THAT'S JUST 1 TYPE OF IPHONE (The iPhone6 Plus) I dont make the profits from ONE of those phones myself IN A MONTH and that's plain sad. And they laugh there way to the bank. I can barely keep a roof over my head.. And they have BILLIONS IN DISPOSABLE INCOME!

  • Longer company time in life cycle

    If Apple keeps their high prices, people will continue to slowly drift into the market, instead of rushing in all at once. By doing this, Apple would have more time to invest in research and development and could come out with the "next big thing." There is a lot of potential here.

  • If you don't have enough money to buy it, then don't

    Apple is a great company with great products and I believe that they should not lower their prices and like I said before, if you don't have enough money to buy it, then don't. They spend years planning and creating their products so I think that they should get rewards for their great inventions. I don't think that they should lower their prices at all.

  • Let 'em charge what they want

    If people are willing to buy it then more power to them. I've never had a Mac and only used one a couple times while in school, but I didn't like it. I find they keyboard more than annoying which is enough to make me not want to spend $1000s on one. I'm sure if you built your own computer it would come out to be ABOUT the same if you put in similar hardware. I built one for $900 with pretty decent hardware. The laptop I'm on right now I got for about $150 and I've had for almost 4 years, haven't had any issues. Though it runs Linux rather than Windows.

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