• Yes, Apple should replace "Defective" computers

    .Yes, I think that Apple should have to replace "Defetive" MacBook Pro Computers because it is not the customers fault if they bought a computer that was "defective" the way I see it is that if it was defective then it shouldn't of been on the market to purchase anyways.

  • Yes they should

    Apple should replace defective MacBook Pro Computers if there is a mass defect rather than if it is just affecting a few select machines/people. They should do a mass recall on any affected machines if there is enough evidence to prove there is a defect. People would try to send them back without defects if they don't realse a specified list of allowed returns.

  • Replace the Rotten Apples

    As a lover of technology and electronics, I am always out to be the first to purchase a shiny new toy. I have come across some lemons when it comes to electronics - some are lemons right out of the box while others become defective way before the warranty expires. Companies are pushing out products too fast and are not checking for defects - this should not fall on the consumer. When you buy something that is so expensive you expect it to work for a long time. Replace the rotten apples!

  • Apple should not replace 'defective' MacBook Pro computers.

    Apple should not replace 'defective' MacBook Pro computers. This is because the computers still have value will still be used for all their features. I don't think it is wise to get rid of something that is functioning. A few tweaks are better than full replacements. It is better to make small fixes than recreate the wheel.

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