• Yes, Apple's customers deserve more.

    Apple should respond to claims about the iPhone 6 bending. Apple has a responsibility to satisfy the needs of their customers and to be transparent about their actions. Apple products aren't cheap, and to receive anything less than the best craftsmanship from this company is unacceptable. Apple will have to respond if they want to keep their reputation.

  • Apple Needs to Respond to Claims of iPhone 6 Bending

    After doing the necessary research, Apple does need to respond to claims that their new iPhone 6 bends. If this is a legitimate problem that needs to be addressed, Apple should explain what action should be taken to resolve the problem. They need to advise customers whether this "bending" actually affects the usability of the phone. They also need to take responsibility if the phones do not perform as they should.

  • Yes, Apple should respond to claims of the iPhone 6 bending.

    The iPhone 6 is a new and expensive product. Many people with older versions of the phone want to know the advantages and downsides of the iPhone 6. If there indeed is a problem with the phone bending in people's pockets, Apple owes it to consumers to address it immediately.

  • yes they should

    It is their product. Even if the claims are false, they do need to address this. Any good company would to either ensure people that this isn't happening with their product or to fix whatever is going on with them. That's just a responsibility large corporations take on when they become widespread.

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