• Automatic upgrades are a good idea.

    Microsoft uses automatic upgrades to keep users up to date on the newest updates and security improvements. Apple should do the same, because it is better for the people using their devices. Automatic updates mean that all the computers are constantly getting better as new advancements in technology are added to them.

  • Yes, but less often

    I feel like Microsoft updates too often, and many times they send upgrades to computers that end up being buggy and needing to be fixed or "undone" later. The idea is great, making sure that the consumer gets regular upgrades on their products. However, waiting an extra day or two to work out the bugs before releasing something is way better than an upgrade every other than to feel like you're "on top of things".

  • Yes, Apple should use more automatic upgrades, if they are related to security

    Every time Apple comes out with a new OS upgrade, there is a significant amount of debate online about the merits of the upgrade for different devices in the Apple catalog, and users may choose to opt in or opt out based on their preference. But when it comes to security, Apple should push automatic updates that the user cannot opt out of. This would go a long way to increase the security of customer information.

  • Upgrades Should Work For Most People

    There isn't anything wrong with giving users the option to upgrade, but forcing an upgrade in the security area is very important. It is understandable that users are gun-shy, particularly with the forced U2 download that iTunes users received without permission, but certain upgrades are important and Apple should consider it.

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