Should April 15 be changed to Robbery Day instead of Tax Day?

  • Yes. Change it.

    Those niggers of the government leech hard worker's money and use it for themselves to buy prostitutes and pay for their vacations. They do this under the cover of "Tax Day" when it is code for "Robbery Day". FUCK AMERICANS! FUCK DONALD TRUMP! THEY LEECH US OF OUR MONEY! WOW!

  • No, it should not be changed.

    April 15th is Tax Day, regardless of whether you enjoy paying taxes or not. Taxes are a necessary part of our government and shouldn't be viewed as the U.S. Government "robbing" its citizens. Taxpayer's money goes to fund many important programs within our nation, programs and services that benefit each and every citizen of the U.S.

  • Cause this is a dumb question...

    We as a society are inundated with this new interent culture that just posts BS crap for people to vote on. The question itself is so outlandish that it is primarily rhetorical and I wouldn't even discuss this question on my radio show. By the way, check out the best MOD/LIB radio show in the midwest www.Theqnow.Com

  • No, Robbery Day is not appropriate.

    The term robbery brings up the image of something illegal. This is very bad. Tax Day is just what the name says. If folks did not pay taxes in this country there would be limits on the services that are provided by the government. People have to pay for services through taxes in order to receive them.

  • No, it shouldn't

    No, I think that the notion to change April 15 to Robbery Day instead of Tax Day is immature and childish. We consent to the government by living in this country, the United States. We can choose to live somewhere else. No one is making us live here. Part of the government is collecting taxes and that's all there is to it.

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