Should April Fools be in another month other than April?

  • It's not in April.

    You see even the day of April's fools is an April fools joke. It is actually the 32nd day of March. I mean seriously how dumb can you be to fall for that trick?! It should be called March fool's but then again the makers of the holiday couldn't resist pranking you guys.

  • What would the point of that be?

    Again, Why? Like seriously, Why? Are people getting butthurt that it’s in April or something? That’s stupid. Why is this even a question? Ok, I don’t have any more arguments other than that it is no big deal, But I still do need 6 words. So. . . Yeah it’s stupid. Bye

  • It is called April fools for a reason

    It should be in April because if it were to be on a month like January it would defeat the purpose of it being called April fools.If we wanted it in another month we world have named the holiday after that month instead of calling the holiday April fools thanks

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