• I deserve my guns

    In the constitution written by Jesus Christ himself said that I am allowed to carry a firearm so carry a firearm I will. The AR-15 is an important asset to defend me and my family to protect myself from them gangster slinging black lives matter rapist tries to rob all my valuables. We need to show them black folk that their handguns can't beat my all American AR-15

  • Over 70% of shootings are done with handguns, the AR-15 is used for hunting and exercising your second amendment rights.

    If you outlaw the AR-15, the only people that would have them would be the ones trying to hurt others with it. If someone trying to hurt others has a weapon, then I'd also want to have one to protect myself and \others around me. Gun control only hurts the people who follow the rules.

  • The 2nd amendment is everlasting

    There are several reasons why AR-15's shouldn't be banned.
    1. The 2nd amendment still applies to modern firearms
    2. They aren't even military grade weapons
    3. They aren't the leading perpetrator of gun violence. 2/3 of gun violence are committed with handguns, not rifles, and the majority of those are suicides.
    4. Gun's don't kill, people kill.

  • There are many things wrong with banning AR-15s

    First the AR is not the most commonly used weapon.
    Then people will find new ways of killing others.
    Then the AR is more of a gun for target shooting.
    Then the AR is not a more dangerous than any other firearm.
    So why would you want to ban an AR-15?

  • Well think about it for a second.

    If you want to base it off numbers, you're more likely to be murdered by fists, knives, or blunt objects before AR15s. The hysteria around AR15s and the very term ''assault weapon'' was fabricated by the media. Crime is on the decline, and it has been since the 90s. What America needs is continue researching, investing and implementing crime control practices. End the drug war would be a good place to start.

  • AR 15's dont really kill that many people

    AR 15's dont really kill that many people
    because of the size of the weapon most killers dont like this weapon, i suggest that this weapon is only good to have just in case the goverment becomes a little too annoying towards it s citizens
    i hope you understand my reasoning

  • They are just like handguns.

    The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, like a glock 19 or 9mm pistol. When criminals are about and the police cannot do anything to stop them, it is us who is to stop them, because the police cannot be everywhere. It is a good gun for hunters taking down wild boars who destroy the crops of farmers, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars worth of crops.

  • Guns are fun

    Guns are a lot of fun to shoot, hunt with, and they can even be used to defend your home against intruders! Now why is everyone hating on the AR-15? Is it because it looks scary, and is black, and looks like a "military weapon"? Well, probably, because people are pussies in this day and age. Heres the deal, there is literally no difference between an AR-15, and an old bolt action deer hunting rifle that your dad had in the back of his pickup truck in high school. It shoots the exact same round, at the exact same time. It does literallty the same exact thing. The only difference between these two firearms is the way they look... Fully automatic weapons have been banned since 1986. This means that every fully automatic weapon that was used in a shooting, or anywhere else was already illegal. In other words, no law could have prevented the crime from taking place. Another thing you must realize: enforcing stricter gun laws or even banning guns, won't solve anyones issue. The only thing it will do is make it easier for bad guys to get their way. How do you stop a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun. Its a simple concept.

  • It's our right.

    It would be violating our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Simple as that. Some people say it's only for hunting and recreational use, but that's total horse turds. It wasn't even made for protection against burglars or school shootings. It was put in place so if the government ever became tyrannic and sent their military to the streets, citizens could kill them. Hitler banned guns. Germans who hated Hitler couldn't kill him. Stalin banned (a lot of) guns. Soviets who hated Stalin couldn't kill him. If Hillary Clinton was elected president and successfully banned guns, it would be harder to kill her.

  • Laws don't stop criminals

    Gun laws only penalize law abiding citizens. Criminals who want to use guns will always be able to get them so any argument that banning any weapon will stop crime is ridiculous. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun who is bent on killing is to shoot him with a gun. How do we do that if you take away guns? Don't be fooled; politicians want to ban guns because they are afraid of an armed citizenry that can protect itself from government tyranny and media snowflakes who have never held a gun and have been wrongly taught to fear them are causing mass hysteria.

  • Automatic or Semiautomatic weapons should be illegal

    These weapons are way too dangerous and in most cases these are the type, not saying these are the exact ones but simply just the type, of weapons that are used for mass shootings. Yes I also understand it is the person not the gun that is dangerous or the killer,but these make it a hell of a lot easier to do some serious damage.

  • Gun laws save lives

    In the years following the enactment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, gun massacres decreased by 37% and mass shooting deaths went down 43%. Then, 10 years later in 2004, Republicans in Congress allowed the law to lapse, and gun massacres increased by 200% since. A majority of Americans, including those who own guns support common-sense gun safety laws. AR-15s have one purpose: to kill as many people as possible.

  • No one needs it

    You can't have a justifiable excuse for having an assault rifle. Ok, yes some people hunt, but there are many other hunting weapons to choose from. Everyone wants t use the second amendment as an excuse to be violent. I don't think guns should be taken away from everyone. But i do think that it shouldn't be so easy to get one.

  • AR-15s are civilian weapons

    AR-15s are semiautomatic civilian grade weapons. There is nothing that makes them much worse or more dangerous than handguns or shotguns. However, after the events of the Parkland school shooting, there has been a push to outlaw these weapons. The problem with this is that making AR-15s illegal won't solve any problems, and it will limit the choices of a law-abiding citizen for what gun he wants to protect himself with. The Virginia Tech shooting showed us that you can kill large amounts of people with a simple handgun. Outlawing AR-15s won't solve this problem.

  • Because of the following

    I don't think so because the rights to the fifth assigned polygraphic could not have been signed without the president's permission. When Charles Parrk decided that he would be standing for rights to won such a weapon, people agreed and most of the population followed him. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a maniac psycokiller and had murdered 800 people in the lobby of the Shantnak bureau where he worked with the very same weapon that he was fighting for. When investigators were investigating, they found clues that the material used to make Ar-15s had a negative chemical effect on his brain, clouding his judjement, and leading him to commit the terrible crime that he did. Today, only 5 states have the AR-15 legalized. These states are Kansas, Dakota John, and Yukon. More than half a dozen people understand that the sales are corrupt do to the sheer horror of what transpires. Most films are dedicated to the love and hardship of human marchingwanna sales. Don't be a leader, be a followerrrr. Only people who understand that these things can happen should be happening. As that dude once said, "I have a dream... But I don't wanna talk about it. Comparrisons between Venus and Milo cannot give birth. Please. Sgdubidop

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