• Yes, Arian Foster should retire.

    Yes, Arian Foster should retire. It is clear that Arian Foster has lost his ability, and it's not going to come back. He should just retire and move on in his life. He is no longer a good running back, and the best chance he has now is to be a backup. I don't even think he can make it as a backup.

  • For his own well-being, probably.

    With all of the health and concussion issues that continue to come out about current and former NFL players, it's very clear that playing football is a huge risk in the long run. Arian Foster has had a successful career. He's played in the NFL longer than most players and made a lot of money. He should probably get out now before he does any more damage to his body, specifically his brain.

  • For the good of his health it may be the right thing to do.

    Arian Foster's latest injury came from a non-contact incident. When someone can injure a serious injury just from normal action it indicates that their body has been put under enormous pressure. For a person showing signs like this, a job in athletics could be incredibly distressing for their body and could eventually result in permanent injuries.

  • Arian Foster Retirement

    We as Americans have a deep love for professional sports.
    We watch them together, we watch them separately, we watch them on the go often, as we have cell phones that are more like mini hand-held computers.
    Hard core sports fans tend to become almost obsessed with "their" team or certain players.
    I understand this, I do. But at what point does it become a little much?
    Arian Foster likes to play ball. It is his passion. Many fans think he should retire.
    while I understand some fans feel strongly about his career, one needs to remember that
    this is his job. Would you go to the grocery store and tell a clerk they should quit because
    they made mistakes this month?
    Generally, the answer would be no.
    Why do we as fans feel we have the right to tell a man he should quit his career just because he
    happens to live it out on a big screen?
    What would you do in his place?

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