Should Ariel Castro be sentenced to the death penalty?

  • Yes he should have

    First of all he killed 5 people. His own childeren. When michelle got pregnant he would punch her so the baby would die. Second he kidnapped 3 girls and held them captive against their wil for 10 years. He raped them and beat them and the worsed and most chiling part is that he was good family friends with the family of Gina one of the girls he kidnapped. He would help "search for her" with her family, lead prayers at the vigils they had for her on the anniversary of her dissaperence and would often ask her mom how she was doing with out her daughter while he has her chained up in his house the whole time!. If that is not enough to get the death penalty I don't know what is.

  • Yes he should!

    After doing a little bit of research on this guy, yes, I do think he should be sentenced to death. The way I see it, any man who is sick enough to sexually assault an innocent child, whether boy or girl, deserves to die, and be dealt with very quickly.

  • Yes, but he's already dead.

    Ariel Castro did some horrible things to young women and harmed their lives for many years to come. He knew that he should be sentenced to the death penalty, which is why he took his own life. He did not want anyone else to do it, did not want to wait to have things done to him, and probably was a miserable person inside.

  • Ariel Castro should be sentenced to death

    Ariel Castro should be sentenced to the death penalty. This is because of the fact that Ariel Castro has raped and murdered. There is sufficient evidence to support the fact that he raped and murdered children. This is crime enough to warrant his death. Ariel Castro should be sentenced to death.

  • Swift death penalty!

    If he does get the death sentence, it should take place immediately! No hanging around in jail waiting on death row...He should not be allowed to breathe the same air as those poor women that he held captive and tortured all that time, and for what he did to those unborn children...

  • Yes, he should.

    This man held several people prisoner in his house for decades. That is kidnapping, imprisonment and torture under even the lightest assessment and should be treated as such. People that deluded do not need to be sitting in jail, taking up resources (as it is VERY expensive to house convicts), and should be fast tracked to death row.

  • Yes, Ariel Castro should receive the death penalty.

    What Ariel Castro did was such a terrible thing that the only reasonable solution is to sentence him to death. He locked two women in his house for a period of over 10 years and repeatedly abused them. Their lives will never be the same. He took their lives, and therefore the state should take his life.

  • No, Ariel Castro should not receive the death penalty.

    I don't agree with the death penalty at all period, but even people who do agree with it are mostly in favor of it for murder cases. Ariel Castro did a terrible thing, locking those women up and abusing them for over a decade, but he didn't kill them. They've since been freed, thank to the great hero Charles Ramsey, and maybe they'll be able to move on with their lives. I don't think that Ariel Castro should be allowed to move on with his life, but I don't think that he should be killed either. Lifetime imprisonment seems like a fair punishment in this case.

  • No he is dead already

    Castro is already dead so no death penalty for him. If he was alive I still don't think the case was death penalty worthy. It was bad don't get me wrong, but the line for the death penalty has to be somewhere and I don't think he was over that line.

  • Even though he deserves it, Cuban politics cannot be treated like Egyptian politics

    To put it bluntly, Cuban politics are different than Middle Eastern and North African politics. Outbreaks in countries like Tunisia and Egypt should not be treated the same way as politics in Cuba. This is because of Cuba's links to missiles, weapons of mass destruction, and Russian Cold War politics.

  • I believe No

    This man is of true evil. And because of this he must be sentenced to live out the rest of his life in prison preying for his victims. I do not agree with the death penalty because it makes us just as bad as the accused. But I do believe that spending the rest of his life in prison may be a worse fate than death.

  • No absolutely not.

    No Ariel should not receive the death penalty. Why? Obviously this man is a monster and I am not defending him in any way whatsoever. But the premise of the death penalty is "an eye for an eye". Castro did not murder anyone. If Castro receives the death penalty, this will set a dangerous precedent: People receiving the death penalty for lesser and lesser crimes. The USA will turn into China.

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