• If he weren't dead yes

    He kidnapped three women between the ages of 14 and 21 and held them captive for ten years. He would beat and rape them and punch Michelle in the belly when she was pregnant (which to me is murderer). He was good family friends with the Dejesus family and when they held vigils for their missing daughter he would often lead prayers and play music while he had her chained up in his house the whole time. He was evil.

  • Yes, Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty.

    Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty for sure. He had many years worth of opportunities to decide that what he did was wrong. At no point did he every decide to release those girls or to turn himself in. Due to his permanent nature as a criminal he should have been put to death.

  • Ariel Castro Deserved Death Penalty

    Ariel Castro deserved the death penalty for the crimes he committed against three young women over the course of many years. After being captured, he showed no remorse for his actions and even blamed his victims. There's no reason that we should have allowed Castro to live for the extended time he did.

  • Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty

    Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty. This is because of the fact that Ariel Castro murdered and raped children. Murdering and raping children is one of the most evil things that someone can do, and for one murder, a death penalty is useful. There is no lack of evidence for this.

  • Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty.

    Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty. He killed some one and he should not have, so he should die in cold blood, just like he killed Trayvon. It is not right that he is not in prison right now, suffering like he should be, while Trayvon's family is still seeking justice.

  • Ariel Castro should have gotten the death penalty.

    The death penalty needs to be used much more widely than it currently is. There are some in society that should not be allowed to live after the crimes they have committed. There is no 'rehabilitation' that is going to change them. They are going to do nothing to help society. In fact they are psychologically and physically damaging others. It needs to be stopped. If there were harsher laws many of these criminals would think twice before committing these acts.

  • Death Penalty Shouldn't Be Used

    I do not believe that Ariel Castro should have received the death penalty. I believe the death penalty is a huge injustice to society and there is no case where it should be used. Humans are far better when they make humane and ethical decisions that do the least harm.

  • I don't think anyone should.

    The death penalty should be abolished because of the many innocent people who get put to death under it. Castro, was clearly not innocent. I think that what he did was beyond disturbing and I think that a more appropriate punishment for him really would have been to place him in prison for the rest of his life. It would have been fitting if he could have been in solitary confinement. He would have a bit of insight into what he did to the women he held captive. Unfortunately, he took the easy way out and killed himself.

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