• The are neighbors with Mexico

    Yes, I believe that Arizona should be more immigrant friendly. Arizona is mainly composed of those of that come from Mexico so I would think that they would be a little more sensitive to the immigrant situation. I am not saying that they should be lenient and not follow the rules, but they should little bit more friendly then they are with their present rules.

  • Yes they should

    Perhaps Arizona should be more immigrant friendly as opposed to being unfriendly. After all, immigrants are human beings and it would not be right to treat them bad.The US was built by immigrants and most immigrants are very hardworking. So if they are not going to the raise minimum wage then they should put up with immigrants.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe Arizona should be more immigrant-friendly. Given their position, I don't see why they hold the views they have. Often, they are referring to their neighbors and other members in their community. I think the citizens of this country need to remember that this nation was built on immigration.

  • Yes, Arizona shouldn't be so hard nosed.

    Yes, I believe Arizona should be more immigrant friendly. Their rigid, hard nosed stance on immigration has created a lot of resentment and animosity throughout the country. There is no need to make the situation worse by alienating an entire ethnicity in the process. It is cruel to target an entire race over border issues.

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