Should Arkansas residents sue ExxonMobil for its oil spill?

  • Yes, this is a serious ecological problem.

    Oil spills are dangerous and are difficult to clean up. The spill will cause a great deal of pollution and may have a negative effect on groundwater. If oil companies can be sued for spills in the ocean and other bodies of water, then underground spills should be treated in the same way.

  • Pay for damages.

    Arkansas residents have every right to sue ExxonMobil for its oil spill. ExxonMobil should have to pay for the damages caused by its pipeline rupturing. Homeowners should not have to pay for the damages. It was caused by the neglect of ExxonMobil and is therefore the responsibility of the company to take care of the cost of those damages.

  • Arkansas Residents, and Others Affected by Oil Spills, Should Have Recourse

    These types of manmade disasters are becoming all too prevalent. From the Gulf spill by BP to this most recent fiasco in Arkansas, big oil companies, all due largely to our own greedy consumption of fossil fuels of all types and forms, have perpetrated yet another blunder on citizens, and animal/wildlife alike. Some will certainly argue that the lawsuit amounts are far too high for the damage sustained, and will only be deflected back on consumers at the gas pumps, or in heating oil prices next winter, but the carnage must stop somewhere. Maybe the price will be forced to a level so high we will all finally wake up and realize it is high time we looked for and implemented alternative energy sources that are not only cleaner and healthier, but safer to transport, if they need transported at all

  • Yes, they should.

    Arkansas residents should absolutely sue Exxon Mobil for its oil spill. It's about time these oil giants pay for the damage they've caused to us all. Matter of fact, not only do I think the residents should sue them, but also the local and federal governments. This has to stop already.

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