• Ban arranged marriage

    In this Underdeveloped Society like India this arranged marriage system should be banned as it has a huge potential of preventing independent thoughts of one individual and implementation of cultural hypocrisy and because of this rational thinking is being compromised. Moreover, as human beings our natural trait is to find our own life partner through our own freedom and choice.

  • Take a drastic measure

    As a male of Indian descent in the U.S., I have family who are trying to force and/or pressure me into an arranged marriage. These people are very disrespectful of me. Any woman they bring in will be disrespectful of me. Why should I be forced into marrying somebody like that?

    If my family is successful in forcing me, I will commit murder/suicide on my wife. Will it be worth it for my family to get sued by the girl's family for everything they have and more for causing the death of their loved one? Do they really want to take an uncle away from some children?

  • Yes !!!! Outlaw arranged marriage the sooner the better.

    Arranged marriage is against human rights and natural selection. This is not a Western or non-Western issue but a human issue. No one has mentioned that many arranged marriages are between 1st cousins and successively so. This presents a whole host of genetic issues which has been documented and shown in the number of increased cases of infant defects in certain areas in the UK where such populations live. Many people site tradition or religion as defenses to arranged marriage but I do not find that credible. Some cultures used to sacrifice children or participate in cannibalism as part of their culture/religion. What about bride burning/Sati in India. Should this be allowed because it's part of a tradition or religion. I am adamantly against arranged marriage after living in a country where it is a norm for several years.

    The reality is the married couples are not that happy even if they stay married due to societal pressure and fear of being caste out or destitute. The divorce rate is no indicator as to the quality of life of those staying in a marriage. Most of the men are cheating and actively pursuing outside interests whether with a girlfriend or prostitute which is rampant here; much more so and more available than in the West. And, this is going on in a country that prides its self on traditional values and upholding religious beliefs. To the guy who demeaningly posts about these Western girls losing their virginity in their teenage years (by their choice and with who they want); what about the teenage girl in an arranged marriage with someone she does not know being forced to have sex on the wedding night whether she is ready or not and upon demand. And, then the husband who takes trips to Dubai or Thailand with his mates for sexual exploration away from home. Is this not totally hypocritical when you put down the West? Is the problem that the woman is the first case that she chose who to share her sexuality with and it was not controlled by someone else?

    What about sleeping with the housemaid that is totally underpaid and worked 12+ hours a day taking care of your children and wiping up after you? Then, the laws of the country are set that it is difficult for the woman to divorce the man but easy for the man to divorce the woman. This is the reality in many of the countries with arranged marriages. Adult children are not allowed to be adults and make life decisions for themselves. As to the argument that parents are wiser all I can say in many of the countries the children are actually better educated than the parents these days due to development. India still has a literacy rate in the


    Because what if the person you are forced to be with is an abusive person? You wouldn't want that would you? Abusive relationships are bad enough on their own, imagine being forced to be with someone who's going to beat you up every night? You might as well die than live a long life with someone who cares nothing about you

  • Who are you married to?

    There are some cases where arranged marriage turns out well, like in the case of my parents. But the main problem is; you don't know who you're marrying! What if the two of you aren't compatible? What if she doesn't like his ambition to be a pilot, and what if he disapproves of her wanting to be a soldier in the army? What if their interests differ? You're doomed. Divorce is a taboo in India. Indian parents continue to make their children's choices. Now, not all love marriages are successful, but at least you're KNOW what you're marrying into.
    Now I'm not saying it should be banned as a whole, but it completely differs with what my idea of a marriage is. You should choose to spend the rest of your life with someone, who you know, someone you've gradually fallen in love with, someone whose fears, ambitions, pet peeves, little quirks you know.

  • It Is cruel

    If a person 18 year or above can cast vote he or she is mature enough to choose his or her partner. Society or relative should not have a say on this. This is personal & private matter. Every other living being is finding partner on its own. It is an evil practice. It should be stopped immediately.

  • Yes, until the youngest person involved is over 21 at least.

    I think arranged marriage lasts longer because it is difficult both legally and culturally for a woman to divorce her arranged husband. If we as a society at least guaranteed that she cannot be forced or arranged into marriage before firmly in adulthood, she may have a chance of escaping a domineering, potentially abusive marriage dedicated to birthing sons.

  • Definitly awful abuse

    So many women get put int these awful arranged marriages they are not happy and get abused. How would you feel being abused into having a sexual life with an evil person yet you have no choice at all. It is absolutely appaling how some women get reated it is against womens reights. Yet they say in some countries to lead a happy life and they make women marry arseholes

  • Arranged Marriages are wrong.

    Arranged marriages are an act of force. It is unethical and wrong. Parents who do this, must have no respect for their children's opinions. People have freedoms, and marrying a person of choice should be one of them. The kids who have to go through this are young and aren't given any sort of chic eat all. I do not support it.

  • Nothing should be done out of sheer tradition or ease or convinience

    You need to put your heart there as well as your mind, people often go for easiness in being with someone rather than the difficulty of being apart from someone. One should marry the latter kind , the people they cannot live without and not just someone who they have just met and find easy to live with

  • Because it is not Western Culture!

    In the west, there may be a concept of marrying the one you want to marry, but in India it is not accepted. Arranged marriages are better and yes there are more successful. The divorce rates are lower in India. And of course, people in the west don't take marriage seriously. All they see is "How hot is he/she". All of this has no meaning in Indian culture. You are marrying the person for their qualities and values not for their looks.
    Having boyfriends, and having your first kiss and losing your virginity is not accepted. Because, we have some dignity and shame unlike you westerners. We hear about girls having their first kiss at the age of 14. Having sex at the age of 16. At this age, education is a primary responsibility not all this business.
    But of course, what can you expect from people who had their first kiss at 14 and who lost their virginity 16 to understand what culture is.

    Why would arranged marriages be outlawed? Arranged marriages play a huge role in differenct cultures. Not every country is westernised.

    It's just a waste of time trying to explain something to these idiots. Despite being born and brought up in Australia, I have not lost my cultural roots nor our values. People need to learn and accept the fact that arranged marriage are indeed more successful than love marriages.

  • I don't think there is a need for arranged marriages to be outlawed, because it doesn't appear to be a major problem.

    The need for arranged marriages to be outlawed doesn't really seem like a huge problem, in modern society. The problem is getting out of arranged marriages, if they are horrible, abusive or involve underage children. Otherwise, in many cultures, marriages are still arranged. There are a multitude of pros and cons to each individual situation, and it's best decided by the families involved, rather than by the government.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • No.

    Outlawing arranged marriages will cause problems with some families. It is appart of some religions. Though I think it should be made that if the kids do not want this, be able to say know, without their parents forcing them into it. Expecially after they turn 18!!! One of my friends is going through this right now. Her, the guy she is supposed to marry, and I are all trying to figure a way out of it. Neither of them want this. It should still be legal, but there should also be a way for the kids to get out of it if they so choose to do so.

  • If It Was Really A Big Deal

    the parties involved wouldn't go through with it. I mean, they can always just use their free will and say that I will not marry this person. No one could physically make them marry another person. If their parents are upset, it's more a familial problem than a societal or legal one.

  • No, it is part of people's religion

    You cannot outlaw something that is part of someone's religion. Even though some people do not believe it is a good idea you cannot outlaw it. Let people do what they want to do and let government worry about things that are more important. Let people arrange/not arrange their marriages and go from there.

  • The biased comments are getting annoying.

    What people don't seem to understand is that arranged marriage is not forced upon a person. Being of an Islamic background, I know of some cases where it has been, but it's usually when a family is helpless (for example, a village family) where there's only so amount of food that can go round. Most arranged marriages are now optional, two people can be brought together, introduced and get to realise the other person's identity. If it's not to be, then it's not to be. This carries on until a perfect match is made, not when the parents decide. A person can also choose who they want to marry and show them to their parents in a respective manner.

  • They should never become outlawed

    I don't believe arranged marriages should become outlawed because arranged marriages are part of some Indian and Asian cultures. If the arranged marriages become outlawed, technically they are violating the rights and beliefs of the culture, and in a way they would be discriminating against they culture they belong to.

  • After reading comments, people do not know what arranged marriage is and how it works

    People confuse arranged marriage with force marriage; again in arranged marriage individuals getting married has the freedom to refuse any marriage offers. Arrange marriage is similar to matrimonial site where a computer find you a match. In all modern arranged marriage, couple get to know each other for months (like blind dating) before marriage. If you ban arranged marriage, that mean parents can not setup their children with another person, which infringe one's freedom. All the people that argue that there is no happiness in arranged marriage is wrong. Happiness does not equal love, happiness can come from having a stable and healthy family. In fact, I bet most people in arranged marriage are more happier than people in love marriage. It is true that in love marriage there is a initial romantic love but the romantic love fades away with time and once it goes away, then marriage can become unstable. In societies with arranged marriage, almost everyone get paired up but in societies with love marriage socially inept, disabled and etc people get left behind with no marriage even if they want marriage. In societies with arranged marriage nice guys tend to finish first where-as in love marriage societies nice guys finish last since emotion plays important role.

  • I don't believe that arranged marriages should be outlawed, because it is an important part of some cultures.

    Arranged marriages are an important part of some cultures. I don't believe it is right to outlaw arranged marriages, because it would impede upon certain religions and traditions. It may go against the freedom of those who are married, but I don't think outlawing it would prevent it anyway. You can't stop two people from getting married, just because you suspect it was arranged. A better solution would be to protect people in arranged marriages who want to get out of it.

    Posted by: ShowKiII
  • Arranged marriages, while strange to most people, are a component to some social structures.

    The United States purposefully does not make laws to interfere with religion. Similarly, the US does not create social behavior laws. The history and structure of arranged marriages goes back for many generations in some social orders. The US is very diverse and respect needs to be given to all cultures and beliefs.

    Posted by: ChotAnguris

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