• Yes it should

    I believe it should be a last resort. An arsonist should have 3 chances to repent of their wicked behaviour by being thrown in jail. If they do it for the 4th time, Then they should be lynched. Their families should be notified in writing beforehand to immediately warn them.

  • No, Arson is not Serious Enough to Warrant Death

    The death penalty is reserved for the most heinous of crimes. Arson, is destructive, but certainly not so much as to deserve death. Arson is simply the destroying of something through fire, not the murder of a person which would then require the death penalty. The level of arson committed should be responded to with appropriate number of years in prison.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    The death penalty should only be considered in extreme cases where someone was murdered, and if someone died due to arson there would be a murder charge along with the arson charge, so it wouldn't matter. The death penalty should only be used in rare cases, if in any at all.

  • No,arson should not be punishable by death

    No,arson should not be punishable by death.As long as no one dies in a crime there is really no reason for the death penalty.Arson normally causes a lot of property damage which can be repaired eith enough time and money.The punishment for arson should be equivalent to the amount of property damage.

  • Absolutely no, it should not.

    Arson should not be punishable by death. This is a far too brutal approach to such a crime. Now, if arson was committed in order to kill a person or several people, or to cover up evidence of a murder, then maybe it could be punishable by death in some cases.

  • No crime should be punishable by death

    The death penalty in America is inherently unfair and should be abolished entirely. Far too many convictions have been questioned, or even overturned, and the danger of the government executing an innocent person is too great. As such, the death penalty should certainly not be extended to include other crimes that merely result in destruction of property.

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