• Art is fluid and always should be

    Art is defined as an "expression or application of human creative skill and imagination". The human imagination is not confined and therefore with the influence and introduction of the digital age, the use of digital media as a tool to express thi s can only be a good thing.
    Ideas can also be developed and shared, spreading the notion and romantic connection that art can bring, elevating it to higher than ever possible.
    Having said this, the practical skill of physical art is the highest form and should continue with the influence growing stronger.
    :) LM

  • Art should always adapt

    If art were to stay in a certain area for too long, then its purpose in society, commentary, beauty, and other things, will no longer be seen as valid. Art should always be open for adaptation, and adapting to a digital society is the logical next step in my opinion.

  • It already has.

    Everything from book covers to posters to art pieces that sell for a lot of money are created using Adobe Photoshop and other creative tools like Paint Tool SAI or OpenCanvas. Being a digital artist myself, I don't think that it is wrong to use the tools that are available to you - why not? If it's there for you to use, use it. Sure, Monet didn't create art with a computer, but maybe he would have if it was available for him to use. I think it is perfectly fine to take advantage of the digital tools that are much more sufficient. Not that hands on painting or drawing should just be forgotten, I just think that digital art should be considered a valid art form as well.

  • Yes, and it already has

    Almost every industry has adapted to the digital age, I do not see why art should be any different. In fact, I think a lot of art already has adapted to the digital age. If you look at new video games, which are art, they are definitely designed for the digital age, being able to play them on smartphones and such.

  • Only if artists are so inclined.

    As technology becomes more and more part of our lives, I expect that art will adapt; however, art has been as we know it for so many centuries, that I can't imagine it leaving us altogether for purely digitized art. If artists are so inclined to create in digital images, they should, and some already do.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    No, I do not think that art should adapt to the digital age. I love the digital age and all that it offers us, but what I don't want to see is a museum full of art on iPads. This kind of thing simply seems wrong to me. There are certain things that I feel should not undergo so much change.

  • no, but like the other person said, it already has.

    I think art should still be in the complete hands and heart of the artist. I don't believe it should be enhanced by computers, because it wouldn't seem so real. I know this is the age of computer imaging, but there are some things that should be left alone. Monet didn't create art with the help of a computer. No, let art stay the same, without the help of the digital age.

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