Should art and dance subjects have the same position as math?

Asked by: Mz99
  • Go for it!

    I think that art and dance and other extracurricular activities should be featured in schools just like math or language arts or science because many kids don't want to pursue math or language arts or science they want to dance or do art or play a sport so I think that those kids should get a fair chance to do what they love as well.

  • I think it should

    If you want to be a dancer than it should be just as recognize because if you decide that you want to be a professional dancer then your making dance a priority in your life. To be honest, it's all about personal preference. " Sure math might be important, but no more than art or dance. Let's give every gift a chance" - Prince EA

  • I think both subjects should be in the same position.

    We can see now that most schools see some subjects as trivial and low subjects. While monkeys are meant to climb tree and ducks are meant to swim in the pond. You can't force a duck to climb the tree, as it's not its nature. Everyone is talented and genius in their own field. Whatever the subject is, it should be equal.

    Posted by: Mz99
  • Their importance as subjects is considerably lower than other subjects

    The point of school is to "better prepare" you for the future. Now learning to do math can help you from construction to astronomy to simple addition in the store. Meanwhile Dance and Art only help you to draw and maybe to dance at a prom. THAT IS IT. The fact that these subjects are treated equally to useful ones like Math, Science, French ( or any other language depending on your location) etc.

    Now you might say " but its our passion" and yeah you can take art and dance seriously but it should be optional for everybody NOT mandatory . Just because a small portion of students like dance and art doesn't mean the others should be forced to do it in class.

  • It's not a core class for a reason.

    To be honest, I'm not the best at art or dance. I'd much rather do P.E. But some people like art and dance over P.E. Math, ELA, Science, etc are core classes because you need them in pretty much everything. Art and dance is a hobby, some people can't do it.

  • They are not the same.

    It is an insult to call subjects like art and dance equal to subjects like math, science, and engineering. Art and dance should have their rightful place: as hobbies, not careers (for the vast majority of people). I love drawing, but I would never make a career out of it. STEM majors are objectively more difficult than art and dance majors, so they should be given more credit. It is a greater achievement to get a STEM degree, and it is more likely to produce a more prosperous career. The purpose of education is to prepare people for the workforce, not to help people with their hobbies. Most of the best careers for doing this require a lot of math.

    I also reject the idea that art and dance require a different type of intelligence. These subjects primarily require skill, not intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to solve a problem. Math requires intelligence because it is about solving problems. Business requires a different kind of intelligence because it is about solving different kinds of problems. Art and dance do not require intelligence because they are not about solving problems. They are about skill and taste.

    I hope people who love art pursue their love of art. They should do that on their free time after getting a useful career. This is why it is a mistake to follow your passion when it comes to finding a career. You should follow what you can succeed at, and you should bring your passion with you. For example, someone who loves art might be able to work in business or advertisement where they can utilize their skill set.

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