Should art and music be given the same importance as maths and science

  • Well of course music and art is just as important!

    I think math and science is boring, But I always look forward to music classes at school and outside of school. I love drawing with my friends; we draw a lot together. Real happy times, People! I know math and science are important, But I believe so is art and drawing.

  • YESSSS it should

    Without art this whole world would be bland there would be no color around you look at it there are facts music is art painting are art cooking is an art baking is an art without art we wouldn't have clothes on our backs or food at our table there is no way that art should not be just as important or even more important than a normal subject. Sure the first few years of school you are forced to take and you dont really get much of a choice to take it after that so why not have it be one of the common core classes it's only fair to the artistic kids if we are forced to take math and science

  • Art and music has been influential since the dawn of man. It is a vessel towards the expression of our human emotions and spirit.

    It seems inadequate to label music and art as "simply entertainment. " Music and art is a way of human expression. Art moves us like nothing us; it reminds us our humanity and helps us understand the world. Art shows us what society obscures; it makes us appreciate beauty and the finer attributes of life, The things which we often overlook in such a fast-paced life of modern day. True art and music uses creativity, Which is, As Einstein put it, "intelligence having fun. " Math and science are, However, Undoubtedly invaluable towards innumerable aspects of life, But there is one problem math and science can never solve: the expression of the soul.

    And have you not noticed how influential art has been throughout history? Some of the most popular and influential books throughout history have been fiction stories, And writing is a form of art (The Grapes of Wrath, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Odyssey, The Iliad, The Aeneid, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Etc. ) Bottom line: art and math/science are both crucial, Just for completely separate reasons.

  • It is not important to take science or maths!

    Many people go with science or maths for just a heavy salary. If the person belongs to a poor family he/she supports science or maths just to solve their financial problems. Or to get a better private job. I don't think that it is important to choose science or maths as a courier option.

  • Hola wey no mames

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  • Art and music should not be given the same importance as math and science

    Good morning pannel of judges accurate time keepers codebators and fellow pupils or audience You need math to draw your buildings and draw lines on the tonic sofa. I hope you are convinced with my points to support the motion of art and music should not be given the same importance as math and science

  • Um. . . Yes, It should!

    First of all, This is coming from a child (7th grade) so I think my opinion might be more accurate than an adult who’s not even in school. Some kids might have a passion for art more than science and math. So you’re basically saying that their interests aren’t as important as the kids who like math and science. I know math and science are more important, But so is a child’s passion and maybe even their future.

  • No, It shouldn't.

    Art and Music don't contribute to the infrastructure, Knowledge, Or anything. You could remove art and music and still have a flowering society, But if you remove science and mathematics, Things get horrible. Check the Middle Ages, They had much art and music, But they were still horrible because they lacked much science and math.

  • Far less important.

    Classes like science and especially math are important in life after graduation. Your far more likely to use science in your life or career were few people ever use art or music in life outside of personal entertainment. Math is even more important as you will definitely need it in your personal life and are much more likely to use it as part of any future job you have.
    Look, If you like art or music, That's great. Enjoy both as much as you like in your spare time after you get your real class homework done.

  • I Prefer Space Colonization Than A New Genre Of Music

    Nothing compares to the importance of science and math. Science along with the basic reading, Math and history to understand it, Makes it superior to all else. While art and music is okay, It does not nearly hail to the awesome power that science and math does. The future should, Can, And will be because of science and all things needed to understand it.

  • Math and Science are objectfully useful

    Don't be stupid. How much food can art and music produce? It doesn't help science progress or society at large. Its not as essential to life or am essential for humans to sustain more people. Its a form of entertainment like any other and is no more important because its older ones.

  • No it shouldn't

    Math and Science have much bigger. Math is used everyday to solve anything from small to large problems. Science helps us understand the world better and cures different disease or alments. Music and art is simply entertainment over all. The majority probably won't use art or music compared to math or science.

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