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  • Yes, Art is very important.

    Art is one of the ways that people show their feelings and emotions. Art can be a way to vent and can soothe emotions especially if they're mad. Art is also a fun activity so people can learn creativity which is how a lot of people get their jobs. For example: How would you make an action film without visual effects which are made by artists

  • Obviously it needs to be.

    Art is the way many people communicate their feelings. It should be Shown more, and should be more popular, because if you really look into the art piece, you see what the painter is trying to say, and trust me on this. Every artist has something to say. Art really should be taken more seriously.

  • Art should be taken more seriously

    Art is where artists express their feelings and all the talent these artists have. Many paintings are worth millions because the artists are very talented and paint the most meaningful and bueatiful paintings ever! It is important to know the people who paint for our country and learn about art. Maybe people will choose art as a career.

  • I think so

    I have to say that I am not a great appreciator of art, but it is an amazing form that can truly touch into the social conscious of a culture or region. I think that art has the power to change people and inspire them. We should pay more attention to it.

  • Yes, it should be

    I do not know why the arts don't get more appreciation. Maybe it's because the world has become so practical and technological, but when you see a good sculpture and the brilliance it takes to create, you have to wonder about the brain power of the person who created it. It's pure brilliance.

  • It Should Be

    I believe art has lost a lot of status over the last few centuries and it should be taken more seriously. I think art does a lot for society without society even realizing it. This is probably one of the main reasons it is so overlooked in the United States.

  • Not at least for modern art.

    I need nothing more than this to rest my case. If it looks like a pile of garbage. It is garbage....Don't go around beating your drum that it is modern art. I can take a piece of dump in the toilet and call it art.

    I have to type this to fill up the minimum word requirement.

  • It is taken too seriously.

    No, art should not be taken more seriously, because art is already taken too seriously. Art needs to be something that is enjoyed. So-called art experts should not be shoving weird creations down our throats, and then call us unsophisticated when we say that we don't see how it's art.

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