• Art is everything

    Art is the language where one can express themselves with out telling anyone what their words are.
    Art is history culture
    art is geography countries weather
    art is physical education with body's and hand the motion and the smoothness.

    Art is the world and which is more without art the world would be colourless

  • Home away from home

    In any and all art courses, there is a family aspect that is formed, no matter how small. This is very similar to a sports team such as football or soccer. Many people immerse themselves in their art to escape the stresses of the every day. There is no math or science course that can even compare to the bond that can be created through the arts.

  • There is no alternative!

    Art cannot be replaced on any measure. There is an element to art that corresponds with each academic course. And if we were being honest, which came first? Which was the first language? It was art. If we think about this, math is built on shapes and a creative process. Language (reading, writing, etc.) is based on sounds we make with our voices. Science is a study of the physical aspects around us. Art is in everything.

  • Expression.

    Yes, art should be taught in schools! It's a wonderful form of expression that kids can use to show how they feel. It relieves stress and is a good way to give kids some relaxation during the school day. Taking art away would be wrong, it is truly a valuable part of education.

  • Art is a must!

    I believe art is an important part of education. Art teaches more than just how to draw. While it may not end up being helpful or a part of some people’s career, art still teaches several important skills. Often times there’s a little history in art, there’s emotion there. For some people, art is their way of expressing themselves. Just like how music is someone’s way of expressing themselves or writing is my way of expressing my own self; art too, is someone’s way of expressing themselves. It has even been said that art can contribute to development in communication skills, and even decision making skills, and certainly creative thinking skills. Art is a way of creating what cannot be said. In my opinion, creativity of any kind is an important part of education.

  • Art Is A Good School Subject

    Education through art study is a traditional method to develop skills in the young student. Many famous personalities developed an interest in art when they were young. This interest influences development of skills in other areas, for example judgement. The constant process of comparing elements of an artistic creation prepare the artist in other endeavors like law, religion and social interaction.

  • Keep the arts

    Art should be kept in schools. Not only art but music and other fine arts these give young kids a way to express themselves. And other kids these things are some of the things they keep them in school from not dropping out, the worlds drop out rate or truancy rates would go up tremendously. KEEP FINE ARTS IN SCHOOL!!!!!!

  • Art is my life

    What if you just love art what can you do when for the whole day there is none when you want to do something artistic in life why would any other subjects matter? Of course except math. But what can i do when 'im learning but not learning what i need to know what is the point of going to school???


  • Its an alternative

    Art should be taught in schools not everyone is academic and art is just as important as any other subject. It teaches people to express themselves opens up different job opportunities and is a very valuable subject. Art is a powerful subject and should be encouraged more. By removing art you would be turning students into robots and no one would be creative.

  • Art Inspires Life, Social Change

    Art can inspire people to live a full life and can affect social change. Art such as painting, sculpture, photography, media arts, textiles, music, drama and creative writing all have a place in schools. Imaginations are captured with art. Social change happens with creative arts such as composition of music and singing protest songs. Art in all its forms should be taught in schools as a choice for students with aptitudes towards a liberal arts education.

  • No just no

    Art cannot be judged, it has no true form, it can be what you want it to be as long as it is conveying a message, and most of the time to be honest that message is negative.
    Art is an opinion, it cannot be judged in any way and certainly cannot be graded.

  • Art is pointless

    It is unnecessary, as not many jobs require skills that you are taught in art. Also people become disheartened if they are not very good at art, if they are with people who have talents in art.

    I hate art very much as im not that good at it. Ta da

  • Art isn't a necessity

    Schools don't need to offer art! If a student thinks he "needs" art to express himself then he can do art at home. If he wants to research art, he can most likely do that at home as well. There are also libraries and school computers that could be used during lunch. It's reality that in this recession, lots of schools need to make budget cuts. Art goes first because things like math, science, and English really are necessary for successful careers.

  • Math and Science are king

    As an AP caliber student in high school, it displeases me to no end that every year I am forced to carry an art course. I wish that schools would focus on math and science courses (Where we are constantly falling behind other developed countries) rather than a bourgeoisie skill that has little to no relevance in the business world. I may seem to just be an angry ranter, but schools face bigger issues than teaching students art. (I would however be okay with art courses if they were ABSOLUTELY not mandatory).

  • No thanks really

    Art should be an optional class or an after school activity. I hate going to art class because i never choose to have this class, i dont mind art but i rather focus on subjects im falling behind of, not a meaningless "subject" that i will never become in my future, because honestly i want to make some money

  • Isn't a necessity, should be an option

    In my opinion starting from high school, all students should have full 100% control on what subjects they take, and we should have the option whether or not to take art. For some it may be fun or "cool" or something, but there are others (like me), who think it is absolutely useless and frankly, no use. Sure it can improve creativity and stuff, but we spend too much time doing it! We have better stuff to do! Currently America is one of the worst int eh world when it comes to STEM subjects. Some people think art increases IQ, but IQ doesn't matter at ALL. It is simply a number people like to show off that literally doesn't mean anything. So simply leave art as an elective, don't completely take it out. But imo, take it out completely rather than spend so much time on it like we do now.

  • Art should be optional from day one

    Very few people will become artists when they are older; most likely they would have studied art at school. While that is very good for those people, it is a waste of time for other students. I have always hated art, mainly because I am rubbish at it and the last job I would want when I am older is to be an artist. Surely it would benefit a lot more students who don't want to do art if they could do an extra session of another lesson of their choice.

  • Teaching art is impossible,

    Some people are good, others are bad and if they enjoy doing art that they learn in primary school then they could go to a club. Some students of a secondary school won't want to do art and may not have the talents to form a picture. Art is a talent not a skill you could use this spare time to do more Maths or English as they are skills that are needed in the future for a job or to write to somebody.

  • Art isn’t something that you have to know.

    It’s not a necessity. It should be an option, instead of being a subject that has to be taught in school. It shouldn’t be taught in school, for that would limit the time to more important subjects, such as math or science. It should be an extracurricular activity, like football or baseball.
    Lets say, we did put art in school. Some kids, will find out the true meaning of art and won’t be against it. WRONG! They will cry and bully and all the things that kids do nowadays. Trust me, I know from experience. When I was in a private school, kids would cry and show-off that their art was perfect, or horrible. They would take advantage of art to be the art teacher’s pet.

  • You don't need art in life

    Art is not a necessity in life subjects like maths and english can be used in life. Art cannot. If you ask me i think public schools should put more money to students and more important subjects than art. The moral is you cannot use art during life and it really does not need to be taught to anyone and if they do want to draw then they can teach themselves

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