Should Art Class Be Longer In Elementary And Middle School.

Asked by: Mr.DebateLatey
  • Yes It Should

    If Art was longer we could practice something we like. I mean if you like Art you want to do more, and if Art was longer we could learn more skills to use to draw. So when we learn more skills it makes us want to buy supplies to draw our own things. So in my Opinion we should have longer Art class.

  • I think students should have longer art class.

    I think students should get longer art class because you can get a job from it just as well as other things you learn in other classes. You could illustrate books, be an artist, and more. Kids need art. It helps reduce stress, and other bad feelings. Art is just as important.

  • I think art lets all your creativity come out!

    Art is a fun activity. We only have it every eight days at my school. And when we have it, it is only for like 25 minutes or so! Art lets you show who you are and let people know your personality. So that states the fact that I believe we should have longer art.

  • Yes, I think

    That art should be longer. The world needs art. First it's short art classes in Elementary school, then it disappears from the world entirely. No wants that to happen. Every one loves to take selfies, ART!!!! Some people would die if they couldn't take a selfie every morning. Am I right?

  • Yes, Art should

    Be longer. Music is Art, Dance is Art. I might only be in Elementary school, but I love Art. Think about your room decor. That is Art. Art is my life!!!! Someday, I hope my Art is as good as Chihuly's. Without Art the world would be plain. The Earth without Art is just eh

  • Art is Awesome

    I think art is the best. After all, art is music and dance. The Earth without art is just eh!!! I know i'm only in Elementary, but art is my talent!! I think should be longer than gym and library!!! Art is the best special in the whole wide world!!!

  • Yes kids should have longer art

    Last year we had to have extra art because art wasn't long enough and we had to have our art projects due for an exhibition....WE WOULD'VE HAD THEM DONE ON TIME IF WE HAD LONGER ART. I believe that is why kids need to have a longer time period in art.

  • Art is very important in school.

    Kids need art to be creative, express their feelings and to have fun. Some times when you are in art class you can't finish your work but if art is longer you can finish. Some people don't realize it but art is very useful. Without art kids and adults would walk around with all those feelings. Also, when you go to the museum you can see all those famous artists but without art they wouldn't be famous they would probably just die without a life. That is why I think that art should be longer.

  • Art is amazing.

    Artist can make lots of money. Think of Van go or Maxfield parish. They are amazing and with the right help and time children around the world could become amazing. It gives children with talent and no chance to show it a way to get better and show the world how good they are.

  • Art is a wonderful way of getting your mind away from the academic part of school.

    Many kids can have learning disabilities, or aren't academically strong all together. Art is a practice that does not require intelligence, but creativity. With more time to work on art, students will realize new interests, talents, and hobbies. Art work takes a long time to finish. With more time, kids will be able to pay more attention and gain creativity.

  • Depends how much longer

    I know some people that absolutely hate Art, and others who love Art. If Art class was extended in elementary and middle school, some students may be opposed to this idea because they don't want to be stuck in a classroom for a long period of time doing something they don't want to do. Other students however, may love this idea. I do believe that Art is a wonderful way to express your thoughts and feelings, but only for so much time.

  • No It Shouldn't

    What happens when a kid's best option is to take art as a credit and he really has to take it but he is horrible and he has other things to focus on? Art is important, but math, history, science, English, and the likes are more important. I get that the kids want to draw more but if they do, there is plenty of time to do that at home by themselves than have the kids who don't want to have to wait. Kids at that age can't teach themselves the above topics and they shouldn't have to wait.

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