• Yes. Art is an important class.

    Art uses science, math, creativity, and ideas.
    Art uses math because math involves shapes and angles and etc. and when people make an art project with geometric shapes they use math to find what is this angle worth?
    Science needs art because art helps people to understand what they are learning in science classes. Scientists always use and draw models which includes art.

  • Cuz its fun

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  • Art Ed Important

    I believe art education should be available and taught in all general school systems. I believe art can foster creativity in ways no other subject possible can. Creativity can be a great asset to any person and it is a great attribute to hone. Art is still an essential tool in today's world, rather you posses talent for it or not.

  • I believe that art education should be in schools.

    Having art education is a class that could get kid's minds off of the core subjects they normally study and other things. Art education gives students variety in schools. I have taken mandatory and optional art classes since first grade. Art comes easy to me and many other kids in my school. Art class is a place where I find myself relaxed and has turned out to be something that I would like to further my career in after high school.

  • Yes it should!

    Yes, art should be in schools. Do you like having a choice of style? An artist did that. Do you like the creativity you find on the Internet? An artist did that. The car you drive--the color--the sleekness--an artist did that. The building you dwell in, work in...An artist did that. When you go to the store and have a choice of different things to choose from, an artist did that. When you go to the movies and enjoy the costume, the scenery, the the film...An artist did that. When you go to a concert and think the lights and background are cool...An artist did that. The magazine you look at was designed by an artist...The unique jewelry you wear...An artist did that. The room you are sitting in.... Designed by an artist. Art education is not just to create 'artist'. Art education nurtures artist but art education also nurtures creativity. Creativity is needed on almost every job on the planet. We like to think of art education as unnecessary, but how much of our economy is built from the "Creative Economy." Imagine taking away everything touched by art on the planet-- there would be nothing and then even that nothing would still be something. Art Education should be in schools.

  • Art is not important.

    Art doesn't really help kids in their education. Only because art is in schools kids are getting influenced to become an artist. If a kid wants to make being an artist as a career there may or may not have enough money. This may not be a career to be reliable on.

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