• Yes, they should.

    Social media is a great way for artist to get heard by a wider population. It helps them get known and noticed out in the world which is a big deal for them. They can also use the social media to find places to expose their art, music, etc. All in all they should embrace it.

  • Yes, artists should embrace social media.

    Yes, I believe that artists should embrace social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The aspects of social media provide artists with new and innovative ways to express themselves, and by embracing social media more people in the world can also see their works and the artists can even collaborate together via social media.

  • I say yes

    I think that if artists want to get as much exposure as possible, and spread themselves out to as wide of an audience as possible, then they need to embrace social media. Social media is the future, and has changed many things already, and can only change more in the future.

  • Yes, artists should embrace social media.

    Many artists wish for their works to be gazed upon, heard or experienced by people. I feel that the best way to spread their message is to embrace the aspect of social media. Social media allows an artist to spread his or her works to a much wider audience than ever before. No longer will their works be constrained to a gallery or a concert, but shared with all.

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