Should artists paint offensive things about their countries, if that is how they express their feelings?

Asked by: safebug
  • Art is for Expression

    Artists should be allowed to paint their beliefs about their countries as long as they don't cause any harm. Art is one of the ways humans get their ideas and opinions across to make other humans think. Different ideas are what make our world special. I don't think any two people can think the same way. (I'm not scientifically speaking.) Everyone has different views and political artwork helps everyone see what the artist believes and decide if they believe it too. Opinions are important to anyone who wants to be their original self.

  • Artist see, Artist do.

    Art is simply the expression of thought using any form of media, exempli grata paper, pencil, paint, pastel, clay, metal, etc. Ergo, artist means "one who expresses". If artists think something, they, like every other human being, are perfectly entitled to express themselves in an artistic form. Furthermore, some would consider elocution an art, making speech a form of artistic expression. Artists, then, have just as much right to paint their thoughts as others have to express them orally.

  • Artistic production is protected by freedom of speech.

    Artists should be allowed to paint whatever they want, no matter if it's offensive or not. If people interpret the art as offensive, then that's their problem. Free speech applies to artistic works too. Freedom is key in art. Limits damper creativity, which causes artists to not make as much money as they could.

  • It's Their Voice

    Artists paint/draw their thoughts and feelings through their artwork, just as an author writes about their thoughts and feelings. Offensive artwork captures people's attention and that's exactly what artists want. Whether a person agrees with a particular viewpoint is irrelevant because there will always be disagreement. Trying to hide somebody's medium for speech is wrong because it tells the public dissent won't be tolerated. Of course, they could try to be subtle, but it doesn't strike at the core of the issue. When people are offended, they are essentially given three options: defend their belief, entrench their belief, or reevaluate their belief. In all of these options, the artist is trying to get either the first or last to occur. If they reevaluate their position, the artist has succeeded. If they defend their position, then there is discussion. That's a partial win. The point is, by using offensive artwork, people are going to respond. That's their goal: to incite change.

  • Artists should be free from limitation of expression

    Artists should express how they feel in a honest manner, because art is one of the most popular and long-established ways of human expression. Therefore, I believe that artists should appeal how they feel to governments as well as to the public. In fact, views and opinions of their country are not always positive or acceptable to their nation. Instead, it is certainly true that there are many criticisms and unacceptable opinions among the public. Consequently, artists should honestly express how they feel in their artworks for themselves and even on behalf of the general public.

  • Freedom in art and opinion.

    When it comes to art, expression is important as it is pretty much the sole purpose of art. to stop someone from painting what they want you are stopping the expression of that person. if you do not like a painting or a form of art, dont look at it.

  • Artist should do as they feel

    Artist should do as they feel especially if that is their way of expressing their feelings. Some people express themselves through violence or picketing, but art is a harmless way to rebel. Art that is disrespectful should not be destroyed, but treasured because the artist choose to create instead of killing people or creating chaos.

  • Artists Should Not Paint Offensive Things About Their Country.

    An artist is a leader in a society because his works are influential to those who look to artists for understanding and meaning. In that regard, painting offensive things about their country does not help society bind together. It divides them. An artist intent should be to display higher forms of consciousness therefore the artist should not paint offensive things for then he would elevate those offensive things and make it seem like it is something to strive for.

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