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  • No,ASEAN should be remained.

    ASEAN should not be disbanded. ASEAN is the only way to close relationship between people in southeast Asia. With this close relationship , southeast Asia can become the greatest region in the world in many courses like economy and defence. Everyone knows that this region houses different ethnic with different cultural . There are Malays, Siamese, Chinese, Indians, Khmer, Vietnamese, Burmese and so much more. Although they live in different perspective, but with the foundation of ASEAN , their relationship become closer and closer. The racism and war issues are reduced. The economy is growing healthier and the defence is getting stronger.

  • No, it is a fine organization.

    No, ASEAN should not be disbanded, because there are many good things that organization does. The nations that are part of ASEAN are developing countries and it is a good thing that they want to get together to discuss how they can do better together. The organization preserves culture and does a good job.

  • No ASEAN should not be disbanded

    No, I do not believe ASEAN should be disbanded. I think that the countries that make up the ASEAN sort of level the playing field with the world's fastest moving country right now, China. If ASEAN were disbanded, social forwardness and economic growth would be halted in all of the countries involved.

  • International cooperation is usually good.

    Sometimes people expect organizations like ASEAN to do too much, and, when they fail to do much of anything, there is a call to disband them. I think this is the wrong approach. Instead, people should consider that an organization like ASEAN allows countries that might otherwise be hostile to have a means to communicate and work together, and it provides economic opportunities for countries that would otherwise be poor. Whatever its problems, I believe it is a net good.

  • ASEAN serves as a counterweight to China

    ASEAN is a cooperative between the various nations in Southeast Asia that represents 600 million people. There are nations here with long standing historical and recent ethnic, religious, and political hostilities, like Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. There are territorial disputes over oil, natural gas, and offshore resources. Cooperation is an absolute requirement if peace is to be maintained. Furthermore, there is the elephant in the room, a rising China that continues to expand its naval footprint, seizing resources and land that have long gone without real dispute, like islands in Japan, offshore resources with the Vietnam and the Philippines and the like. China must not be allowed to bully smaller nations by virtue of its economic and military resources, and only by banding together can they serve as a counterweight to the Politburo's misbehavior. I'm not sure why this is a question in the first instance, it's obvious that ASEAN has a role to play in the global arena that is are not well covered by supra-organizations like the UN.

  • ASEAN Serves It Purpose

    ASEAN serves as an economic unit that could possibly rival China in Southeast Asia. Although not much may seem like it gets done regarding free trade, an economic bloc of Asian nations should exist to further the exports of each member country. Some people may think there are too many such organizations, but groups like ASEAN foster peace and understanding rather than war.

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