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  • I say no.

    I think that this question has come a bit too late in things, because Ashley Judd recently announced that she would not be running for Senate. I think that even if she did it was always going to be a bad idea. We should let the actors stick to acting.

  • Ashley Judd is just not ready for politics yet.

    Ashley Judd is a political activist along with being a successful actress. There have been a lot of actresses and actors that have moved to the political arena. This has worked for some but not others. I think that Mrs. Judd could do this successfully but not right now.

    She has even announced on Twitter that she is not going to run for Senate anymore. She needs to focus her energy and time to her family and movie career. I agree with this decision. In the future maybe she will be a good candidate, just not now.

  • Ashley Judd should not run for Senate.

    I think this is just a ploy to further her career. I have never heard her show an interest in Politics, and it seems more and more celebrities are jumping on the band wagon and running for mayor, governor, and the senate. I don't know what she is up to, but unless I see where she stands, I say no.

  • She shouldn't run.

    No, I don't think that Ashley Judd should run for senate. Even if a particularly actor would be good in politics, I still think it's weird for them to get involved in politics like that. It has the potential of becoming much more about popularity than anything else, which could lead to problems.

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