Should Ashura be recognized in the US as Reshashana is?

Asked by: Haxis288
  • More Muslims in America

    There are more Shia and Muslims as a hole in america then Jews and they have pardons from schools to miss and skip Home work but when Ashura comes up the Shiite Muslim Studenst are not pardond and even at works and job Shiite muslims cant but when Rushashanna Comes up every last jew is excused Pleas forgive me if i offened you i have nothing against the Jewish Community :)

  • Islam is a legitimate religion

    We can all understand why there would not be an official observance of holidays for occult groups or groups with too few followers to be recognized by the population at large. This is not the case for Islamic Americans, we all know who they are and what they represent. There is a lot of resentment in the US toward muslim Americans, which might be quelled by an official observance and recognition of Islamic Holidays.

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