• They are smarter

    In the US we currently rank 25th among the most educated countries this is clearly because of skewed European data analyziers. USA is number 1 and a way to get their is to have superior people (whites) have their concentration focused on things other than homework the asians fill this gap perfectly

  • No thank you

    1: Why do you assume that Asians are smarter? Not that I'm biased.
    2:If Asians do other people's homework, Then the teacher will not have a good idea of what his/her students understand.
    3:If Asians are smarter, They may be assigned more homework. They won't have as much time for other homework.

  • You go do your own homework.

    Just because Asians are smart and are accustomed to more homework does not mean they should do other people's homework. Homework are assigned to access the children's understanding of the materials provided. If Asians did all the homework, Then the teacher cannot have a gauge of the understanding of the class. So go do your own homework.

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