• It should be shut down

    The people that go on here are just children. When my daughter signed up for ask.Fm we did not expect to see so much bullying going on. In fact, many of the people at her school have quit for those reasons exactly. Askfm is not a positive website. There is no use for a website that only gives out negative feelings and hurts children.

  • It should not be shut down.

    I know this site has had some serious backlash due to what happens on it, and it's unfortunate that someone would be so mean that they would go and bully someone for no good reason. However, those who are bullied should not be afraid to report them and tell someone they trust to help them. If parents are more proactive about their children, the problem of cyberbullying might be slowed down or even entirely prevented.

  • It's your own choice, therefore your own responsibility

    It is up to the individual if they want to have an account on a site that people can post whatever they want anonymously. When people know that they are anonymous they have a strong sense of courage, knowing that they will not get caught and you expose yourself to this sort of abuse. Yes its sad that you get verbally abused but that is the risk that comes with these accounts and again it is your choice to read the questions and answer it. Some people I know don't care about the hate they get and choose to ignore it, answering every other question. However if the hate becomes too much, you can simply delete the account or you can make a joke out of it saying "Yeah you may think I'm fat but I think I'm curvy with fun". Just remember that these sites are everlasting, if one gets deleted then, no doubt, another one will pop up on the internet and yet another debate will happen. It's your choice and your choice only.

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