• Asperger syndrome should be treated

    Yes Asperger syndrome should be treated with therapy. I dont think that it will ever be cured but I think people that suffer from it can find ways to manage it and live in society with it. It can also help the families of these people to better understand what the person who has it goes through.

  • Avoid Medication When Possible

    Asperger Syndrome is partially a disability and partially just a different way of being in the world. People with AS need to learn how to deal socially with other human beings, but this therapeutic street runs both ways. People not on the autism spectrum need to learn how to deal with people who are on the spectrum. After all, without the "Aspies" in the world, there would be far less computer technology and programming. Medication should be a last resort.

  • It Takes Both

    Asperger Syndrome tends to be pretty serious for those who are affected by it. There are some medications that can help but they rarely work 100% and they certainly are not the whole answer or a cure-all. For that reason it is important to use therapy in treatment as well.

  • It suppresses identity

    You can lead a perfectly happy life with Asperger syndrome without the need for expensive medications. I have the condition, and I don't remember ever being medicated for it. All medication does is suppress the autistic identity and prevent the patient from facing the fact that they're different and unique.

  • Treat Aspergers with Therapy and Medication

    Aspergers Syndrome is one of the many syndromes associated with Autism. At the current time, we don't know as much as we need to about how Autism functions and develops in a person. Because of this we should to continue to treat Aspergers and other Autisms with therapy and medication until we know more about it.

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