• Nig nig nig

    I smell like i need to use a room full of spider bluff cakes filled with mustard sauce. It would be great for assad to eat some american food and drive a lifted duramax 3500 with kc lights and go off roading around the country pulling a 1969 Pontiac GTO

  • Yes, it would restore peace.

    Yes, Assad should step down, because his step down would be the first step in restoring peace to the region. Assad has perpetuated many abuses against his people. His actions are responsible for countless deaths. He is unethical, and no longer has any credibility among his people. His resignation would be the first step in restoring a respected government.

  • This would leave a dangerous power vacuum.

    I'm not really a supporter of Assad (not many people are), but it would be foolish and irresponsible decision on Assad's part to step down, or on our part to overthrow him. This is primarily due to the fact that multiple Islamic extremist groups reside in the immediate area, and they would most likely seize any possible chance at greater power offered to them.

  • No assad should not step down

    I feel like assad should not step down because he should take responsibility for what he has signed up for and taken on. He should hang in there until the end because then he will be held accountable for what he has messed up and it will give him time to fix or own up to his promises which ever one he is trying to run from.

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