• He made a bold statement.

    Julian Assange made the statement that if they free Chelsea Manning he would turn himself in. Well it would seem that Barack Obama has called his bluff and pardoned Chelsea Manning now it is time for Assanage to put his money where his mouth is. I mean Donald Trump seems to like the guy so they might go easy on him but he might want to wait until Trump is inaugurated.

  • He probably should

    Assange should probably be extradited to the US to face the penalties for his actions, and to be punished. However, if he never returns, I don't think the world will end. So long as he is not free within our country, we should just be happy to be without him. He is an abominable person, and fits in perfectly over there in Russia.

  • A single accusation is not mentioned so I disagree

    While many accusations surround the life of Julian Assange there must be a single reason why extradiction to the US has been deemed a reasonable action. In other words, on what specific criminal charges would be the reason for extradiction.

    If extradiction is granted, it must be for a charge for which there has been sufficient evidence disclosed and incriminating him.

  • He is being targeted.

    The United States wants to get Assange back because he has said things that are unflattering about the United States. This is not the proper motivation for wanting someone to be charged with crimes for things they allegedly did in another country. The United States just wants to punish a political enemy.

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