• Yes, ban them!

    After what just happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school, I definitely believe that assault weapons should be banned. There is no need for them, and they are doing more harm than good. Not to mention the amount of accidents that can happen due to them. Please ban them ASAP, make the world a better place!

  • Yes. There is no reason to have access to these weapons.

    Under what circumstances do assault weapons have a place in the hands of citizens? Those who insist it's our second amendment right to won these guns forget that a few people with single shot weapons can easily out match a person with an assault rifle. Those rifles have poor aiming and are tough to handle. No wonder there are so many casualties when we use them.

  • Yes! Definitely ban them!

    I'm not saying ban all guns, because we, Americans, have the right to bear arms, but there is a limit to what kind of guns the public should have. These guns that cause a mass amount of damage in seconds are finding their ways into the hands of crazy people who slaughter innocent people.

  • It is way too dangerous to be kept at home and owned by ordinary people

    It is better to have a hand gun for protection. An assault rifle is war war weapon it is absolutely not needed in a daily bases and is way too dangerous is is often abused . I think that the assault rifles and other dangerous war guns/weapons should be sold out to just anyone because you never know when they are gonna ABU's the advantage and commit a crime so it is better to prevent it now than to regret later when precious lives are lost because of it.

  • Is my right to become proficient with a semi automatic weapon more important than one human life?

    The NRA says it is a slippery slope. What other restrictions can the government place on gun ownership if we let them have this win? But if the shooter in Orlando had not had this type of gun, at least 40 people would likely still be alive. I would be willing to personally ask each one of my friends to give up their semi automatic weapons if it could have saved even one life. Is it a sure thing? No. Is it worth trying? I say yes.

  • No logical reason for a civilian to own an assault rifle

    In the ten years that the federal ban on assault weapons was in effect, the percentage of assault weapons traced to crime fell by 66 percent. The ban worked. Assault weapons were carefully designed to maximize lethality on the battlefield. Assault weapons look different because they are different. Opinions are starting to change, I can see a buy-back program for assault weapons in the next 5 years.

  • No logical reason for a civilian to own an assault rifle

    In the ten years that the federal ban on assault weapons was in effect, the percentage of assault weapons traced to crime fell by 66 percent. The ban worked. Assault weapons were carefully designed to maximize lethality on the battlefield. Assault weapons look different because they are different. Opinions are starting to change, I can see a buy-back program for assault weapons in the next 5 years.

  • Anthony Scalia was wrong! Our forefathers never intended the 2nd amendment to include assault weapons.

    What sane and honest hunter needs an assault weapon to enjoy their sport? I cannot believe that our forefathers would consider using assault weapons to hunt or to protect themselves. I also think that the head of the NRA is wrong in his interpretation of our forefathers 2nd amendment and this killing insanity has got to stop, now.

  • World peace is possible

    Assault weapons make it effortless to kill multiple people within a matter of seconds. I recently had a friend who very VERY strongly supported the second amendment. In his opinion, anybody should be allowed to have an assault weapon as long as they go through an extensive background check and mental exam. His way of thinking is THAT old school. That way of thinking will make world peace an impossible thing to achieve. In my opinion, no civilian should own an assault weapon. Handguns in the hands of good people loving humans are a-ok with me, however.

  • These weapons are what causes mass murders.

    The reason that I say yes is actually very simple. There is no use for these weapons. Someone who said no answer me this. Why would anyone need a machine gun in there house or anywhere else. Why would you need an assault weapon? The only reason anyone would need it is in the military. That is my input on Assault Weapons.

  • Fuck people .

    Anyone who supports thegun ban is apart of the idiodic society of america so you 40 percent go fuck yourself you are the most stupiest motherfuckers ive ever seen what are you gonna do if the military goes nuts and tries to take over the america and goes and shoots up everyone.

  • I isn't right.

    "Oh, this and that can be used for evil. I'm going to ban it." Tough luck. It ain't your choice. If you want to own something, I don't see why you can't. Some believe in control over freedom, but I don't recall reading about men in my history books that died for control.

  • No matter what, guns won't go away!

    You can all say that guns should be banned period, but i say that we don't need to! What's the point in banning something that the government thinks they control when the simple fact is they really don't. If they tried with all their power still the people that really want them and to hurt people are still going to get the guns that were made to kill. Really it's our right! To have the guns we want to buy we have them jut like every state has the right to a milita, what would we protect our friends , family, neighbors with if we didn't have guns to fight back with!!! I know most people are upset about all the shootings but it isn't the guns fault that the person using it is killing others with it! No matter how hard the government tries they won't get rid of or guns. IT'S OUR RIGHT!!!

  • Assault weapon act is totally idiotic

    First, the term "assault weapon" is very stupid, what is wrong with a collapsable stock, a pistol grip and a barrel shroud, I own a bushmaster ar-15 for hunting and self defence, the AR-15 is the popular rifle for americans, and most do not even use this to commit gruesome massacres, they just use this for some hunting fun time and self defence, also do you know why I chose the AR-15, reliability, I believe in gun rights, because come on, I thought America is the land of freedom for bearing weapons, the second amendment is here to stay! I believe that to curb mass murderers, we just need background checks and waiting time, guns, no matter what is it, are good if used correctly for hunting and self defence, I need to stress that, so just stop this stupid act from ever coming back again, I like my ar-15, I do not like that if someone took that away.

  • If you ban more guns then that just means more business for the black market. .

    If you really think about it, banning anything just makes it that much more valuable. But to whom is it more valuable to. The obvious answer is criminals because I'm sure your not gonna pay double the original price to just look at it. Your gonna want to use it but if you need to enact in a crime then a gun is more valuable. Just to get my point across, the more people that have guns makes the next person over from you think twice before trying to hold you up.

  • Assault weapons do not exist, from a technical perspective

    Rifles, shotguns and hand guns come in manual load, semi automatic and automatic fire RATE. The first 2 categories comprise the vast majority of weapons available for civilian use, and by that I mean exclusively self defense. They include, as aforementioned, rifles (AR-15, AK variants, etc), shotguns and Handguns (Beretta 91A2, Colt 45, etc, FN 5.7). All of them shoot 1 bullet, just 1 bullet per pull of trigger. They are not machine guns. Not even close.
    They cannot be transformed into machine guns. It is easier, cheaper actually to illegally buy a machine gun than to transform an AR 15 into a fully automatic M 16.
    Politicians made the term assault weapons to start a gun confiscation program in the late 80's. Lack of access to information at the time made it possible for the Gun Control groups to misinform the public about what a Assault weapon really is.
    Assault RIFLE, is a military specification for a rifle, that includes the following: Intermediate Cartridge (smaller powder than a hunting rifle bullet but larger powder capacity than an pistol caliber) and, here is the most important detail, SELECTIVE fire rate capability. From Semi automatic (1 bullet per trigger pull) to burst fire (automatically 3 bullets per pull of trigger) to fully automatic (non stop bullets fired per pull of trigger). This single characteristic gives the assault rifle 800-900 bullets PER MINUTE capability. AR 15, the semiautomatic-only version, the one politicians call Assault WEAPON, has a rate of fire of approx (based on the shooter's finger speed and ammo availability in the magazine) 70-80. An AR 15, with such limited fire rate compared to the Assault rifle M 16 or M 4 carbine, thus, has no place in the modern battlefield. For home defense, is an excellent choice actually. Smaller frame men and women, handicapped people, can fire the rifle for home defense without the heavy recoil of a shotgun, and with more stability, thus easier aim than a handgun.
    Assault WEAPON is a political term, useless to define a weapon's deadliness.
    And full disclosure: ALL firearms are designed to kill Humans, ALL of them. We did not invent them to hunt. We were doing just fine with bows, arrows and other contraptions. We made the firearms to defeat other humans in warfare without exposing oneself.
    But at the same time, they made peasants, farmers, doctors, lawyers, artisans, any civilian, regardless of sex or frame, be able to defend themselves against anyone. They made us all equal.

  • DON'T BAN AR-15 AND AK47's

    Saying a AR-15 is a assault weapon because it is semi automatic is like saying my 22 is an assault weapon because its semi automatic. I also have a AR-15 that I use strictly for target shooting. If you are going to ban a AR-15 or AK47 then just ban all semiautomatics only banning AR-15 and AK47 is just plane dumb.

  • NO the term "assault weapon" is ludicrous.

    A violent physical attack is the definition of assault by Webster's dictionary. Something (such as a gun, knife, club, or bomb) that is used for fighting or attacking someone or for defending yourself when someone is attacking you is the definition of weapon by Webster's dictionary. If you combined the term you get A violent physical attack by a object that used to fight someone or defend ones self. So how can you label an AK or an AR an "assault weapon with out it first being used in an assault? By the term being defined we see that a stick can be an "assault weapon". So is a rifle a weapon if it is used to shoot targets well lets go back to the definition of weapon. Something (such as a gun, knife, club, or bomb) that is used for fighting or attacking someone or for defending yourself when someone is attacking you. Lets see if a target rifle is a weapon be definition of the word. First we see that three keywords stand out they are fighting, attacking and defending. With these identified. We can see that a target is not attacking you so you are not defending yourself. You are not fighting cause an inanimate object lacks the aliment abilities to fight. Fight is defined be Webster's as to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone, to defeat an enemy, etc. : to struggle in battle or physical combat. No can we be attacking the paper well again it is inanimate. Attack is defined as to act violently against (someone or something) : to try to hurt, injure, or destroy (something or someone) and an alternate definition is to begin to work on or deal with (something, such as a problem) in a determined and eager way. I don't see how shooting a target is a problem. So I don't think the target is being attacked. So a rifle used for target shooting is not by definition a weapon even though it has the capabilities to be such. Until it is used in a manor that meets the definition it is not a weapon let alone an assault weapon. The definition of the two words in the term is redundant but if it must be called an assault weapon then it needs to be used in a manor that meets the definition. Also AR does not stand for "Assault Rifle" it stands for ArmaLite rifle the company that developed the weapon in the 1950s. So if you are going to call a rifle an assault rifle make sure it has been used in a capacity that meets the definition of the two words. Ever hear the phrase do not judge a book by its cover well same story.

  • I think you people are wrong

    Guns should not be banned cuz its my right as a american black man.
    If you were to take away my guns then i would have nothin
    all i have are my guns, i am homeless
    i have an ar-15 in my home/cardboard box. It is a scary world out there, just last week someone tried to attack me and take my blankets i whipped out mr ar and he ran off real quick LOL!

  • People need to be educated

    Many of the people that want a ban on assault weapons dont really know the guns. So many uninformed people only know what the media tells the heneral public, and that is exactly what the media and politicians want. Anti-gun people say the ar assault rifles are too dangerous to own. Those are the same people that don't understand they are simply another semi-automatic rifle. Many do not realize they function the same as that. 22 semi auto rifle or the semi auto shotgun. One squeeze of the trigger one shot. Many of the uninformed think the flash suppressor is a silencer. Way too many people that just dont know the guns well enough.

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