• Yes, there is no need for these weapons

    People who support the ownership of these weapons have obviously not seen the devastation done by them. Yes, they are fun to shoot. Yes, they make people feel more "manly." How is fun and manliness worth the deaths of so many people? I see no reason to have these. You know what else is fun to shoot? Rocket launchers. Bombs are also super fun to set off. We do not need these for home protection, however. Assault weapons should be banned for the same reasons.

  • Yes, it's worth the personal sacrifice, I'm wiling to try.

    I live in a rural community, I own and use guns. The majority of gun owners are responsible, normal Americans. However, I'm willing to give up my rights to own an assault rifle on the off chance it will help curtail mass shootings and the current trend of mass violence. I know this doesn't solve the issue but I'm willing to try, the law can always be repealed if there is no evidence of improvement.

  • YES! Absolutely! Without hesitation!

    The 2nd amendment which was originally meant to guarantee liberty, has today become its biggest impediment & deterrent. For it to function properly in a modern society, we need strong universal background checks & laws making gun owners directly liable for their weapons safekeeping, whereabouts & usage at all times. Biometric gun grips should also be developed & used to key the firing of any NEW weapons (handguns, too) solely to the registered owner.

  • Yes

    Assault weapons should be banned in the U.S. There is no reason to have an assault weapon for protection. The only type of weapon that should be available with high regulations is semi-automatic weapons. Assault weapons be readily available to the general public is a huge mistake and our country has seen the results of this. I hope someday the U.S. can finally get a firm grasp on what is right to own as a civilian before more innocent lives are lost.

  • Guns are a right

    The right to protect yourself is a fundamental human right. That is why it is recognized by the Constitution. It is impossible to be a free and soverign individual unless you have the right to self protection, and the right to own and bear arms is fundamental to the ability to protect yourself. The government only has the powers given to it by the Constitution, and the Constitution does not give government the power to take the fundamental human rights of the Citizens it was created to serve.

  • Just makes it more likely

    It's just going to make more people want guns once there illegal. Making this law will most likely make it more of an issue than it already is. Out of all of the people in the US only the five of them have done shootings. Please don't let this pass it is the most ridicules law made so far.

  • the governmental idiots

    our country got its freedom from the UK using weapons. Our country will have no other way to protect itself is the people aren't aloud to own assault weapons so that we can protect ourselves from other countries from invading our land. We as American citizens have the second amendment to protect that right. So if you idiots who think that guns kill people well you sir are wrong people kill people. More people are killed by hammers than by assault weapons, the reason that there is so much crime in Chicago is because they banned weapons, leaving the criminals aloud to runaround and rob law abiding citizens. So if the government bans guns from the American public then crime will rise over our country for sure. So all in all America as a country needs weapons to protect itself.

  • They are a necessary check by a free citizenry to government force.

    The purpose of the Second Amendment is not for hunting or self-defense against burglars, but for American citizens to deter and, if necessary, defend themselves against a tyrannical government or dictator. Of course assault weapons, as any weapon or tool, can be misused by those with evil purposes, but in general these crimes are nowhere near the scale of the crimes committed by tyrannical governments against unarmed citizens. If German or Russian citizens had been armed in the 20th century, it would have been much more difficult for their respective governments to perpetrate the acts they did.

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