Should assisted suicide be an option for lifers?

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  • It definitely should

    I someone is in so much pain and cannot stand living, for whatever reason, they should be able to act upon their right to die as a human being. It would be incredibly selfish of people to make people hold on and suffer so people can feel better. That would be absolutely morally wrong on many levels. Everyone has their rights, even if it is the right to death.

  • Personally Yes I'd support it

    When people serve a life sentence most of the time they become a liability to themselves, Other prisoners, And correctional staff. There's no point in keeping them on this Earth except to needlessly torture them. Our country's prison population is too large and killing more prisoners can solve that problem. Even if some people aren't guilty, The very act of releasing them after 20 years don't change the fact that they have to endure life with no savings, A lot of debt, A scarred reputation, And fewer years left to save for retirement. If you wrongly convict someone and imprison them for more than 10 years, You might as well have killed them.

  • Yes, with strict safeguards in place

    I appreciate dilemmas lifers face that functionally equate to slow-motion death penalty. So, if they want fast escape, I say "Go ahead." A dead inmate won't cost state taxpayers a ton or hurt anyone else again.

    At the same time, no crime will ever justify far worse harm done by society if we kill in the name of 'justice.' So, strict guidelines must remain in place to verify a lifer's true wish is to die and in the right frame of mind to make such a monumental irreversible decision. Court rulings get overturned every day, but there's no way to restore life to a corpse.

    So, one threshold criterion to approve lifers' assisted suicide request is case status in the judicial process. If any appeal is still pending or open to pursue, refrain from medical suicide until final adjudication. Likewise, length of time served in relation to realistic life expectancy must be taken into full account by review boards. For instance, all applicants should serve at least 10 years and/or be a minimum age before they even receive further consideration. Valid exceptions are terminal or severe chronic illness that causes extreme pain or physical debilitation, etc.

    Finally, external review should be mandatory and include a personal interview with the applicant before approving their request. This is also preferably documented by videotaped footage retained for some minimum length of time.

  • Saves taxpayers money

    I'm anti-death penalty because the person might turn out to be innocent. However if the inmate wants to commit suicide then they are volunteering so that's different. And allowing it will save tax payers money. They should have to be examined by a psychiatrist to certify that their decision to commit suicide is rational, and indeed under the circumstances it could be. What's the point of spending the rest of your life in jail.

    A means of death that preserves organs should be used or at least available in case the inmate wants to donate his organs.

  • Sadly, yes it should be but legally it isnt their choice

    People who are in jail for life have commited a great crime against society and have been stripped of their rights. But no one has the "right" to commit suicide. Why should a prisoner have a right that normal people dont you ask? Honestly because it gets them out of our hair. I mean as long as it is a simple process (in reguards to the courts and legal stuff) and reletivly cheap. I dont see a problem with it

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