• The reality if death

    The pain was unrelenting. Doctors estimated that you had a year to live. Lying in bed with teeth clenched from the excruciating pain, you pleaded to be put out of your misery. You wanted to die now. Pleas went unanswered. Then, one day, your brother, unable to ignore your repeated cry, shot and killed you. He was tried for murder.THIS IS WRONG.THIS is Consensual Euthanasia.
    There are many who want to die, but whose disease or condition makes it impossible to end their lives. When such people ask for assistance, for their right to die, their wishes should be respected.

  • ONLY if you are terminally ill

    Nobody should be offered assisted suicide because they just feel depressed. However, some people are terminally ill and shouldn't be forced to suffer needlessly if they want to die. A good example is Huntington's Disease. Why go through that? Why not just end it before it gets to that point? I would want that option if I had such a disease.

  • It Would Be Merciful

    Yes, assisted suicide should be legal. As a person becomes overwhelmed with pain due to an incurable disease or traumatic injury, that person should have the right to make the decision to end their life. There comes a time when the medical profession has done all they can and all that’s left is waiting for the patient to die naturally. It is barbaric to force another human to have to endure prolonged suffering because we cannot bring ourselves to condone assisted suicide. It is far crueler to force that person to go on in agony than it is to have mercy and concede that someone should be allowed to help them put an end to their suffering.

  • Yes, individual choice and freedom is the basis of our democracy

    I personally feel that assisted suicide should be legal because it is a situation that involves personal freedoms. A government should not be able to meddle in individuals' personal lives. If someone's life is overwhelmed with pain and suffering, they should have every right to have assisted suicide as an option available to them.

  • Yes, it should be legal.

    This is an interesting topic and I could be easily swayed in either direction, but for the most part, I feel like the answer should be yes: legalize assisted suicide. I feel like if the person asking for help is of sound mind and are unable to carry out their own wishes of no longer being on this planet and suffering, one should be able to assist them. We are able to euthanize our beloved pets when they are terminal and in pain - why can't we do the same for our beloved humans?

  • Suicide

    Why should we make people who do not want to live stay alive. They are the people who want to die and they are taking far too much attention when we could be focused on something somewhat productive. We are not doing them any favors by not letting them do what they need to do.

  • Sorry but no.

    I feel like this is a very intense topic for lots of people because it hits home with a lot of people but what needs to be said is that when you a helping them kill themselves you're helping them give up. I feel as though we all have a time we go and just wait for it because it will come and live your life to the fullest until then.

  • It's not our right to choose

    I understand that people with terminally ill diseases are going through a lot of pain. God has a plan for us all though. It is not our right to decide when we die, rather Gods'. After all Jesus suffered for us all with the worst pain imaginable. What if ypu you died only for a cure to be developed after.

  • NO

    I understand them being in pain but how is their physical pain any different from a depressed person's emotional pain? It's like saying one has a good enough reason to kill themselves but someone else doesn't simply because of what the public deems acceptable. I do not see how this would be fair for everyone that would consider suicide.

  • NO it is vulnerable to highly complicated and powerful deceptions

    Personal freedom must not place other lives in peril and that is what this freedom would do. Someone may not be of a sound mind. If someone is a victim of unlawful confinement, malpractice, fraud then it could be used to commit murder, perhaps by a system that wants to silence a patient for example. The field of Psychiatry is also abounding in fiction and corruption. Perhaps it may also be the will of God to suffer. Escaping the pains people are appointed to suffer may disqualify some and end in a curse. SC

  • The ability to consent to suicide is why not

    Someone may be suffering from a form of a mental illness from whatever form of victimization or health issue that may override their ability to judge with soundness. It is a simple principle that is impossible to deny. The field of Psychiatry is also abounding in fiction and corruption. Such a legalization could be used by the system or someone to commit murder. You know perhaps to silence someone they have already caused psychiatric injury to through malpractice.

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