• assisted suicide should be legalized, it is a right thing to do to offer a third option when people are facing death.

    imagine if you are facing the endless suffering and excruciating pain but can do nothing to end it. you are desperate need of terminating your agony but you will not ask your beloved ones to help you, because it would likely to put them into serious troubles that will destroy their lives. it is stunning that when people are facing death, in their darkest and most desperate moment of life, nobody could offer a little help because of the law bans the help.
    a woman starved herself 25 days to death. in addition to the unbearable pain and torture form her terminal illness, she suffered 25 day's dehydration and starvation, just because physician assisted suicide is banned in England. her family members were emotionally broke down seeing their beloved mother and wife struggling in the edge of death, but they can do nothing about it except begging the medics to give her some drugs to release the pain.
    in another case, a promising graduate student shot his beloved brother because he couldn't ignore his brother's constant cry and plea to die... he lost his chin and an arm and his organs were deteriorating because of the skin cancer, he had 6 month to suffer if his brother did not help him to relieve. however, the young man was arrested for murder, and he has to face a more than 10 years of sentence and a record of criminal for the rest of his life. the price for releasing his brother is enormous, he set his brother to free but put him self to the hell. why did he choose ruining his own life if it was not because of love? could you imagine the stress and pressure when he lifted the gun and shot his brother?
    people are facing these choices every day, because someday, we will all have to encounter death.
    what if our society, our legislation system could help, what if they could offer a third choice? if the laws force the ones who could and are willing to help stay inactive to protect the so-called value of life, and left the people dying without dignity, then the laws just failed people's trust. if the doctors barely see their patient's suffering and mechanically obey their Hypocratic oath to "do no harm", their indifference to people's pain are actually doing harm to patients' trust.
    although majority of the medical related professions are reluctant to end others' lives, some believe that is a right thing to do. but they are banned by our legislation and could not sacrifice their career to help...
    let those who want to help help, the legislation should sanction physician assisted suicide, that is the least they can do...

  • Right to life

    People can choose what they want to do with their lives as long as it doesnt harm others, so helping kill someone is OK. Since you are not the one doing the killing, you cant get in trouble for it. There is no good reason for it not to be legal.

  • Whether you are religious or not

    Physician assisted suicide isnt a "right or wrong" thing. People have the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, etc. So why can we not have the freedom to make a decision on whether we want to live or not?
    When considering physician assisted suicide however, we should outline 1) who should be allowed to receive physician assisted suicide 2) and why this person is receiving this assistance.

    Physician assisted suicide should be allowed to those who are terminally ill with a limited amount of time left to live. PAS shouldn't be eligible to people who are young and are healthy or have plenty of time to live.

  • Because its our right

    It is my body and my life, I understand people will be hurt but at least they will be aware that i would be happy with my decision. Life isn't for everyone, some people just don't wanna be here. And we definitely didn't ask to come here, so why must we be forced to live.

  • If abortion is legal, then suicide should be legal too

    Think about what abortion is; it is the mother of an unborn child deciding the future of the child, most often based on whether or not the child will be able to be supported. Whether this is good or bad, I'm not one to say, however if the mother can decide the future of the baby, surely a person can decide their own future as well. I don't think any one of us wished to be born, but it happened nonetheless; If we are in dire circumstances and cannot support ourselves, how is this any different from a mother deciding she cannot support a child? If anything, suicide is slightly more ethical, as it is the person themselves who is deciding, and who will have to support themselves for the rest of their lives. To be honest, I don't know where I stand on the abortion debate, although I do feel like I lean toward pro choice; however regardless of what I feel is right or not, if abortion is made legal without suicide, then we are hypocrites on a massive level, who only change laws based on public opinion and snobbery, rather than looking at what is right and what is fair.

  • assisted suicide should be legalize

    assisted suicide should be legal, because what if the person wants it, what if it makes them shriek from the pain, what if they cant cry anymore from the pain for they are all dried up. Why wouldn't you just end their pain instead of making them suffer? Attempt to put yourself in their place, imagine their suffering, think about how they must feel. If a person is being kept alive by a machine they are technically living but they aren't "living". I just wish that people would understand where i am coming from. How can people just stand by and watch their loved one or friend in so much pain?

  • Doctor assisted suicide provides a valuable life service and provides safeguards for those wishing to end their lives.

    Allowing doctors to assist in suicide provides a means of oversight. By making the process legal, components such as counseling can become a part of the process. Moreover, a doctor's assistance will ensure success, thus eliminating the fear of serious injury (without death), and a lack of suffering. For some people, especially those with chronic pain or terminal illnesses, suicide is a solution that is ethical in and of itself. Allowing doctors to assist in the process should be legalized.

    Posted by: N3r0nKrooI
  • Assisted Suicide Should be Legalized.

    Assisted suicide should be legalized. People commit suicide every day. It's not like people are not going to kill themselves if assistance is not illegal. If they are going to kill themselves anyway then we should save the blood and mess and assist them. If they are in mental pain and they want out then save their misery.

  • It's a choice

    No matter what, In the end, It's the choice of the individual. . . If someone terminally ill wants to die, Then they should have that choice. If someone terminally ill doesn't want to die, That's also their choice. But no one should get to decide for them, And as such this law not only should, But NEEDS to pass. . .

  • Assisted Suicide Should be Legalized

    If someone is mentally stable enough to make this decision for themselves, Let them. Thousands of animal are put down every day because their suffering and are in agony every day. Why is it different if a human is living in pain and agony but they're not allowed to be "put down".

  • We're Not God

    God has given us our lives, and the ultimate selfish act against God is taking your own life. A large number of these cases involves patients who suffer from depression of their illness, in which case they are not in the right mind to make a decision on such a serious matter

  • it shouldnt be legal!

    some of my friends always talk about killing themselves, it breaks my heart. i believe they should get help, they need thearpy! not suicide! also if aperson is sick lying in bed. they can be treated no matter how bad. yes you may still be living with an illness but you'll be living, taking medicine is not that bad.

  • Legalizing assisted suicide is not only wrong but should be considered assisted murder.

    I believe that helping someone to kill themselves is assisting them in murder. Stopping the human heart is God's business and this is a common belief of nearly all religions.

    Posted by: 5c4ryVirg
  • People should never kill themselves nor should anyone assist a suicide.

    God created us to live on this world. He doesn't want us to purposely end the beautiful creation that he has made. If all my limbs were cut off and I had the option for assisted suicide I would choose to live. Assisted suicide should not be legalized. That is my opinion.

  • Assisted suicide shouldn't be legalized because it isn't okay to give up on life.

    Why is it suddenly okay to end your own life? For every five people that hate you, there is at least one who will love and respect you. Someone can convince that you do in fact have self worth and should continue your life. No matter how horrible you think it is, life does move forward.

  • IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is wrong, very very wrong, to takes one's life is to take one's soul and bury the hatches. It is very wrong due to the statistics of finding a spark in ones life and to destroy it. I have one thing that I truly care about and for you or someone else to come and take that, that is a no no!! >:(

  • No let me live

    No one should make this decision but me. Let my dying aching body live. Let me live with no ounce of dignity. Let me create a stressful environment for everyone around me. Let me lie in bed all day and be forced fed. Let my loved ones change my diapers, stay up all night, and lose focus on their own well being. Let a detrimental situation for one cause become a nightmare for all involved. Why so people insist they know what's best for everyone else? Are you a messenger from the so called God? Take care of your own self and stop enforcing your feeble minded ideology on everyone else. Let me make my own decision. It's my life and if I choose death, then so be it.

  • i gree with this because i think is crazy

    I know that some people feel alone and sometime want to die but life is really beautiful and I think if we can create new groups that they can talk to those people so they can see how beautiful life is.. I do not agree with the state of Oregon, Washington and also Montana and any other state that want to prove this new law because I think it’s crazy that a patient go to any doctor and ask for a prescription for medication for the patient to use with the primary intention of ending his or her own life. For some religions this is not right, and this new issue just makes people to think that life is meaningless, hope the president Barack Obama stop the new law in Oregon, Washington and Montana and also in the other states that wants to prove it.

  • What's next, legalizing murder?

    No matter what others argue, suicide is indeed murder. Its killing the soul you have within you, and we all consider that murder, don't we? Yes, life can get hard, life can bring us down, and sometimes we may thing we're drowning in misery; but that doesn't mean we can simply give up on life. There are ways to help and there are people who will listen; so lets stop murdering ourselves, shall we?

  • I oppose assisted suicide because it is not our decision for when someone must die.

    I oppose assisted suicide, because terminating s person's life should not be decided by them or their loved ones. Besides if assisted suicide is passed, how can we determine if or when a person has no hope in surviving? This is just like shooting a old cow or dog to put them out of their misery. Assisted suicide is very inhumane and should not be legalized.

    Posted by: RaouICyber

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