• Yes, they should have the option.

    Yes, assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada, because the people in Canada should have the right to make decisions for themselves. And end of life decision should be the decision of the person making the decision. It should not be up to the government to decide how someone ends their life.

  • Some People Would Prefer It

    I believe there are some people that could greatly benefit from the legalization of assisted suicide. I believe Canada should take into consideration how terminally ill patients view life and how it is possible that they may prefer to end it slightly earlier. I feel like that should be a personally decision, especially if someone is in a lot of pain.

  • Assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada.

    Canada is a liberal country and they should take the lead on the issue of assisted suicide. It is more humane to let people end their suffering than making their death be long and drawn out. Canada should recognize that assisted suicide is humane and necessary for people in some cases.

  • Yes it should.

    Assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada. If someone does not want to live anymore, because of going through chemotherapy or something else like that, then they should have the right to end their suffering. It is inhumane to keep someone alive against their will if they really want to die.

  • Assisted-Suicide Should Be Legal in Canada

    Yes, physician-assisted suicide should be legal in Canada. When a person is in terrible pain and his/her condition is chronic and fatal, then that person should be given the right to choose a painless, dignified death. Such is not destroying the sanctity of life, but embracing it and life's dignity.

  • Very much legal.

    If someone has a condition that will 100% get worse and painful, whats the point of living? Everyone wants to have a peaceful death. People say its elderly abuse which is untrue. Forcing the elderly to go through extreme pain is called abuse. Some people are against it and I'm sure none of them have a condition like MS.

  • No. I do not believe assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada.

    No. I do not believe assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada, because I don't believe suicide should be tolerated, or allowed in any form. Instead of assisting in helping someone kill themselves, why not assist them by getting them the proper treatment for the issues that got them to this point mentally.

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