• It's your life

    If you believe that you cannot live your life as you wish or to the fullest due to medical reasons, I believe that should be your right to make a decision such as assisted suicide. There is nothing wrong with giving someone the chance to do what they wish with the time they have left. Even if that means they'd rather not spend the rest of what's left, relying on medical attention and withering away to nothing. Assisting someone to passing away may sound cruel, but what's actually cruel is making someone go through life like that unwanted and miserable. Of course with that said, I believe every situation is different and guidelines to these decisions need to be roughed out, but this is already something that is practiced in other places and should be more excepted! We've become so technology advanced that everyone thinks we know the cure to everything. Which makes the inevitable truth that we all have to die, hard to realize. As much good as we try to do, sometimes it's too much.

  • There's already assisted suicide being practied today

    U mean to tell me that fast food, sodas, cigarettes, alcohol & vehicle smog wasn't already playing a role in the assistance of my suicide, all of which is o.K with the government.
    U meant to tell me that I need for society to grant me the permission to have someone "assist" me in the role of killing my own self?!

  • It isn't fair to prolong unnecessary suffering

    If a patient is seriously suffering and wishes to end their life, but can't do it on their own, it is only fair to help them escape. When a decent standard of life can not be maintained and someone is rapidly losing dignity and any sense of the person they used to be, they most loving thing to do would be to end their life. By doing this, you help the person to die with self respect and the knowledge that they lived their life how they would have liked. They could not continue to do this if they can't move, care for themselves and are no longer who they wish to be.

    By legalising assisted suicide, you give respect and dignity, where people need it most; at the end of their lives.

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