Should Associated Press compensate Bill Cosby for all of the settlement money since they had the sealed files made public?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • One-sided transaction now

    Firstly, I am not judging whether or not Cosby is guilty, but rather if the Associated Press (AP) should compensate Bill Cosby for their actions. With the files being unsealed, Bill Cosby has paid money for no service. If I pay a clerk for a sandwich, I expect to get a sandwich. I also do not expect a third person to take my sandwich from me. If a third person did so, I would make them pay me for taking my sandwich, and not the clerk. The third person here in this example is the AP.

  • Cosby's situation has changed.

    The judge who unsealed the files explained it this way: "“The stark contrast between Bill Cosby, the public moralist and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper and perhaps criminal conduct is a matter as to which the A.P.—and by extension the public—has a significant interest."

    How can anybody really argue with that? Given what is already known, it is really plausible that the Cos didn't drug and molest at least some women? How can any interest that Cosby has in keeping things secret outweigh the interest of those women in having the truth be known?

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