Should associated press pay Bill Cosby the amount of settlement from unsealing documents both parties agreed to?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • Felons have rights

    Let's make this clear; I'm no Bill Cosby fan. I know he is a criminal, but in America, all people, including felons, have their rights. If a law was broken with the unsealing of those documents then Cosby has legal ground to sue. If it is found out that no legal grounds have been broken, however, I will very quickly change my yes to a no.

  • Both parties agreed

    Both parties agreed to settlement outside of court in exchange for sealing the documents. By the Associated Press unsealing them, it renders the agreement null on one side (Bill Cosby has paid money, but is getting no benefit from such). Since it was the AP that requested it unsealed and not the other party, they should compensate Cosby for the loss.

  • Yes - What's the point of sealing?

    Just getting this out there, I believe Cosby is guilty, always have. So I didn't need docs released. If documents are sealed they should stay that way unless its a matter of national security or perhaps in a capital murder case or something. All parties agreed. The agreement was broken not by Cosby or the plantiff but by a judge an the AP. Cosby should be compensated by both parties.

  • No - Cosby's interest doesn't come close to the state's.

    This question has already been posted and the answer is no - there's clearly been some criminal activity, and that far outweighs Cosby wanting to keep thing covered up. If what was unsealed has any direct application to wrongdoing, then that alone would wipe out any supposed claims on the Cos's part.

  • No - AP didn't do anything wrong

    The incriminating documents were unsealed by a federal judge, Eduardo Robreno. AP wanted the documents unsealed and asked for them to be unsealed, but AP didn't actually unseal them. The court did that. If someone wants to criticize the decision to release these documents, then that criticism should be directed at the court rather than AP.


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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-07-31T17:28:42.787
If you renege on an agreement/buyoff then anything you do with that info after the buyoff makes the first agreement extortion.