Should asylum seekers be welcomed into Australia?

  • NO just No

    1.ITS not fair if they just come and take over, we were here 1st and they can't steal it away
    2. Mainly Islamic State people because hey can just make more attacks e.g. Martin place/Sydney siege we could be a whole lot safer without them in our country they will harm us more if we don't put a stop to this now.

  • Yes, why hold back when we can give.

    Of course we should. They came to us for help, they came to us for help so why should we hold back when we have so much to give. Compare our population to the population of China or India,we are so large in land but so small in population. And why should we let in migrant but not assylum seekers who are in more need of a home, a home which we can and will provide. Yes Australia's still a new country, yes we're still finding our feet but we are so different to other countries. We are so multicultural, Australia is the face of the future. So lets take a risk, be bold, be brave and stand up for what's right, so I say assylum seekers come in and lets see what happens.

  • Yes It's only ethical

    Yes Asylum seekers should be allowed to enter. By law in the United Nations a country cannot turn away someone looking for asylum. However what Australia is doing is they are stopping them before they reach our waters to apply for asylum. People come on planes looking for asylum and they aren't turned away, by boat or by plane there is no difference.

  • Yes we should.

    Yes, we should allow them to come to australia without having to wait half their lives to come to australia for better safety, they should not have to wait years just to get a visa to come to australia as they are only human and need safety. Thank you :)

  • Yes, asylum seekers should be welcomed into Australia.

    In my opinion, asylum seekers should be welcomed into Australia and the mandate to not let people who arrive by boat apply for asylum is an absurd practice for a country that has a dwindling population, since 2003, and has an increasing aging population. To imply that just because someone reaches the shores of Australia by boat makes them a convict or something is, well, ancient history.

  • Why Asylum seekers should be let into Australia

    As per the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), No one should be subjected to torture or to cruel, Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Human rights are principles and values which promotes essential interests in order for people to take full advantage of their opportunities. These basic rights are inherently entitled to everyone simply based on the fact that they are human beings, Though, It is undisputed that equality and human rights are inaccessible to everyone to this day, Typically regarding Asylum seekers. As of 2014, The average length of time spent in mandatory detention centres was 350 days. However, 168 people, Ranging from all ages, Have been held for over 2 years. These asylum seekers are desperate to seek refuge and safety in another country but are locked away suffering from severe damage, Mentally and physically.

  • Why wouldn't you let them in you dumb fucks

    "Oh they're taking our jobs"- firstly, Its your ass who's at home leeching off centre-link, When immigrants come here they're escaping a potentially dangerous life and can fill in the gaps we have as an economy
    "They'll attack"- have you seen the racist rednecks walking around, Acting like they own the place? Don't forget, We were not here first.

  • Let them in

    There are currently only 3 people per square kilometer in Australia, That is 55 fewer people than the worldwide average of 58. In Western Australia, It is said that there is room for another 6 million people and currently there are only 1, 957 people waiting for access into Australia. Legally Australia must allow for people to apply to asylum which only happens due to a political war, Religious war, And other extreme events. People wouldn't risk their lives and life savings, Traveling thousands of miles across rough seas to Australia, A supposedly free country, Only to be told by uneducated racists that they aren't allowed in. The only reason we don't get any more people is that the Australian government has found a loophole in the legislation that says they must allow for people who are seeking asylum. The government stops the boats before people can even apply for asylum, Therefore, They aren't technically breaking any laws. As for terrorists, Terrorist communities such as the Taliban spends hundreds, Even thousands of dollars training people to become terrorists so they wouldn't waste that money by taking the risk of throwing them of barely seaworthy boats only to drown in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. NONE of the asylum seekers have ever been terrorists in Australian HISTORY, Terrorists are placed onto first class flights to ensure that they get to their destination. These poor people wait on places such as Manus Island in concentration camps, Yes concentration camps (defined as- a place in which large numbers of people, Especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, Are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities), Where they are faced with disease, Rape, Murder, And other horrible conditions.

  • Of Course They Should

    I believe asylum seekers should be allowed. They have rights as well. They need to be cared for and helped by us Australians What if you had to flee your country and no countries let you in. Even if they are only allowed in one country, it's better than none!

  • We are Born Free and Equal

    The UN Declaration of Human Rights state that all Humans are born free and equal. It is also listed that everyone has the right to be free. If people are not granted this, then they should have access to this in Australia. We should all be able to have the chance to live our life to the fullest, no matter where we started. How would you feel?

  • Asylum seekers? NO WAY!!!

    No asylum seekers can't come take over. One we do not have enough room and two we don't want them to attack. I mean 'duh' seriously though it's just annoying that people are even suggesting it so there. I don't think I even need to say any more. I am definitely finished with this cause I am right. I'm done.

  • Asylum seekers, NO way there must be a better way.

    It is not fair for Australians, we were here first!! There will be no space and that is just more people living o the street and that means taxes might go higher just so we can pay the poor people for food. They will probolaly just die of thirst or hunger!!!

  • Asylum seekers NO!

    We should not because they will take up a lot of the space. There will be less more money for everyone. It will be like trying to spot the Aussie everywhere you look. We will be overrun by illegal immigrants.
    We need more Aussies and less asylum seekers.. Thank you

  • I'm as liberal as they come but...

    I don't think that Australia should allow the massive amount of asylum seekers into their country. Some yes, but sadly, the infrastructure of the nation cannot support such an influx of unskilled workers. That is simply cold hard truth. We cannot allow a country to be destroyed from the inside out because of an economic rush that it cannot support. These asylum workers would only be able on average to provide cheep manual labor, but there are people who are just as qualified to do those jobs who speak the language,and know the culture,

  • I use to believe that they should

    I thought that they should have a lovely place to live, but then I thought about a bigger picture. If Australia lets all of them in there will no people in their home place (exaggerated). Then Australia will become the dangerous place. Australia also is meant to hold that many people. We really need to focus n fixing these bad places.

  • Allahu akbar lel

    If we let them ugly fat asylum seeker in they will say allahu akbar and bomb australia. We will then have big gay from this bomb and we will be gone. Do u want them to say allahu akbar. Russia will also come and say suka blyatt and hack us and donald trump and america come into australia. That why asylum seeker bad. Habibi also means beautiful

  • NO no no They go boom

    I saw a refugee and he blew up, Don't let them in. When he explode he hurt people, People die. Keep australia white! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Australia will essentially become Israel/Palestine

    The influx of asylum seekers into Australia is almost identical to the influx of the Jewish people into Palestine. The Jewish people didn't assimilate into the current Arabic community and created their own communities within Palestine. With the continual influx of the Jewish population they took over Palestine making it their own country, and forcing the Arabic people out of their homeland. This is what Australia's asylum seekers are currently doing here, they aren't assimilating into our community and will eventually force us out of our homes and jobs whilst splitting Australia in two.

  • Go back to your country please we dont want your chaos

    No more please.
    Dont you think they have caused enough grief.
    They dont belong on western soil.
    Immigrants say they had no choice but to leave there country .
    They come here get on welfare .
    Get more help than our own .
    And still complain when we bend over backwards !
    I want my australia no violence no immigrants

  • Never everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    They breed like rrabbits and they bring disease to a perfectly healthy country, all the tax that we pay goes to them when it should be used for better things, plus they enter australia for free when hard working men must pay a large fee it is our country and we have the right to keep it that way.

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