• yes atheists and christians should coexist

    why should chtristians and atheists not coexist is a wonderful question...well theres the religion aspect where christians believe those who dont worship God and accept Jesus as their savior will perish and burn in hell for all eternity. on the opposite side atheists dont care if christians think this thought and diregard it. once the two groups are past this conflict then they can coexist happily.

  • Yes, human progress!

    We're all human! Why shouldn't we? If we didn't, then there would be a giant schism in human society: sort of like the Neanderthals and Humans back in the day. When humans work together, imagine the possibilities! I've heard otherwise... that Atheists are corrupting Christian Youth, but I disagree. Religion shouldn't get in the way of humanly progress.

  • Yes, they should

    Honestly, I'm a christian and I'm not bothered by the fact that some of my friends are atheists. Mostly because, both atheists and Christians are human beings. They both want whats best for humanity, and honestly fighting each other isn't going to solve anything. As time that a christian is using to yell at atheist or gay people can be better used to help their community and vice versa.

  • Do not have to agree, do not need to be friend, but can still coexist

    I have friends who are Christian and some that are Atheist. But we do not let or beliefs destroy our friendship. What my Christian friends believe in is their right, what my Atheist friend's believe is their right as a person. We do not mock each other, we have disagreements, but we respect each other. Respect is a two way street.

  • Cultural Diversity Positives

    While there are plenty of Christians who stigmatize Atheism and Atheists who stigmatize Christians (I am personally Atheist), the basis is lack of understanding of both groups, we antagonize each other too much. Live and let live while respecting each other's outlook on life is worth a try at least. Personally I have been met with hostility from Christians for my preference of reason and science over myth and tradition and I do feel quite stifled by Christianity to the point where it is frustrating, but I remember some of my very good friends are Christian, they just understand me and I understand them and religion is just one of those private things that can sometimes make for interesting conversation. Though most Christians I am friends with also know the Bible is not literal or the only truth, they understand the context in which the gospels were written and how it was created. As an atheist I used to be very aggressive towards religion (for personal reasons) as unfortunately I have had threats of hell and damnation since I was young. Now that I have grown up I have calmed down and understood that it is the bad people who shout the loudest, so really I just pay attention to the quiet people who don't have an agenda and voila! I met respectable human beings, whether they were Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Atheist (I haven't met anyone from the other religions yet).

  • They must for the sake of humanity.

    Can Christians and Muslims co-exist? Mormons and Catholics? Shiites and Sunnis? Atheism vs. Christianity is just another instance of globally rampant conflicting belief systems. After centuries of conflict, the Protestant / Catholic wars have been finally settled in Europe with extremely high costs in human life and misery. Nobody won. Learn from the past. No religion should force itself on people. And religion in the guise of science has no place in the science classroom. People should be able to discover their own spirituality and believe and worship as they wish in harmony and peace with others.

  • Yes, they can

    Just because they don't agree with each other means that they cannot coexist? That is like saying that Joe and Bob are unique and therefore they should kill each other. If differences cannot exist, then everyone would be EXACTLY the SAME. But guess what? We are all different, meaning that differences can exist and therefore Christianity (or religion in general) can coexist with atheism.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    People need to respect each others' beliefs, if they agree with them or not. How would it even be possible not to coexist together? That would be like bringing segregation back but for religions instead of races. We are much too progressive as a society to even consider it! It would be like traveling so far back in time you may likely never return.

  • Christians need to back off

    I'm sick and tired of Christians threatening me with eternal torture, claiming there is some war on Christmas, telling me I have to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, falsely claiming that America is a Christian Nation, that Atheists are Devil Worshipers, that Atheists can't join the Boy Scouts, that Atheists can't hold public office (7 States even have it in their Constitutions), that Evolution is just a theory, that morality comes from the Bible, that gays are an abomination, that women shouldn't have abortions and that they are sure they are going to heaven. I refuse to tolerate such nonsense and such rude behavior. They are holding back science and trying to make laws against civil rights, and that is hurting us all.

  • no they can't

    Two conflicting worldviews cannot coexist. It violates the law of non-contradiction. Atheists say there is no God and Christians say there is, they can't both be true. Now if by coexist you mean love each other as humans sure, but that is a different thing than what people usually mean when they say coexist.

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