• Yes, everyone is equal.

    Everyone is equal in the same way. This is a free contry. It is just like its not wrong for christains to not get married in a church. They probably wouldn't be able to play bad music or commit any sins there but if they follow bad rules then they can get married un a church.

  • YES, marriage for all

    Marriage is constructed to bind to people together through legal papers and through the heart. If you say that an atheist can not get married then you are denying them marital rights to tax benefits and what not. Therefore if they can not get married then Christians trying to marry should not be allowed the tax benefits and other benefits of marriage. It's only fair.

  • Why the heck not?

    In reality, the christian religion is meant to welcome all into God's love. If an atheist couple wished to be wedded in my church, i would make sure it would happen. God loves everyone, so we need to treat everyone as we want them to treat us. God bless you all.

  • Yes, but why?

    The whole point of marrying in a church is doing it for Jesus, or God or whatever. But us Atheists don't really WANT to marry in a church. All you will get is sneers from the Christians and an awkward mood. The belief of atheism is that there is no deity. So why in the WORLD would we want to honor Jesus in our wedding?

  • Christian faith welcomes anyone

    I don't see why not. But if I was atheist I don't think I would want to be married in a church, that just wouldn't make any sense. From what I got Christians would try and invite anyone to their congregation even the devil himself in hopes of saving them from hell.

  • If They Choose To

    For Americans, having a wedding in church is somewhat typical, even if they do not attend church. It is also possible that an Atheist may marry someone involved in a faith and they would want to marry in their church. For these reasons, I believe atheists should be allowed to marry in church.

  • Yes, the church should always be open to atheists.

    Yes, I completely agree that atheists should be allowed to get married in a church. It's easy for a person to tell you he is an atheist, but that may not be a hundred percent true in his heart. We should always make an atheist welcome in our church so he may see that we are accepting of him as an individual in spite of what he says is his belief.

  • Live and let live.

    As a Christian, I believe that all forms of intolerance are sinful. Two wrongs can never make a right. If we have a right to our beliefs and practices, Than so does everyone else. Atheists included. Discrimination or intolerance of any kind is a sin. We should tolerate others. Live and let live.

  • They reject us and now they want our blessing?

    The answer is no no no no no no no no. If you want a Christian marriage the be a Christian first. Why do you even want our blessing for your marriage? I though you guys were all in the "We don't need God" mentality. Why should you get it now?

  • They have a choice

    Anyone should be able to get married anywhere and it might just be that someone's parents were married in a church and they want to be married in the same place. There is nothing to stop them from showing their love for one another and knitting their souls in a place of worship.

  • They do not need God's blessing, and they risk insulting the congregation of that church.

    I think it would be ridiculous to allow atheists to marry in church. The only reason to get married in a church is if you wish your marriage to be recognized and sanctified by that church. If you are atheist, you do not need God's blessing, and it would be extremely insulting to the people who believe in the teachings of that church.

  • No, atheists should not be allowed to marry in church.

    I do not believe that atheists should be allowed to marry in church. I think that the decision should be left up to the church and religion. I think that if a church doesn't want to allow a couple who are athiests to marry in their church, then they shouldn't be forced to.

  • Why would an atheist get married in a church...?

    Are you talking about, should a religious person be able to marry a person who is non-religious, and have the union sanctioned by the church? Technically no, except under the proviso that that atheist raise the children, if applicable, in the ways of the church. Otherwise, why would the church sanction the union?

    Sorry, but as an atheist, I have to say this is kind of an odd question... The different churches have rules that are pretty straightforward on this. Many of them are in conflict with themselves these days due to topics like this.

    Also as an atheist, I would not agree to raise my kids religious, I don't practice religion, so why would I want to get married in a church...?

    If you are talking 'can they use those facilities' for a marriage...? Up tot he individual church, I guess.

  • That makes no sense

    If an atheist couple wanted to get married in a church then nothing should really "stop" them from doing so, but that makes no sense though. The decision should, however, be left up to the church. If the church says no, then I believe the couple should just respect that and not make a big deal out of it (no that's not "discrimination" just common sense). There are other alternative places to have a wedding besides a Church.

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