• Yes, of course

    Is this even a question? Atheists are humans too, they have the right to vote. Just because they don't believe that there's a god, doesn't mean they can't help elect leaders for their country. To be honest, being an Atheist doesn't do anything to the vote. It's stupid really, that there were some states that don't allow atheists in political fields.

  • Everyone has the right to vote.

    We all have the right to vote as American Citizens. To take away their right to vote is unconstitutional. Atheists are already least likely to be president because the majority of American Citizens are religious and will only vote for those who share their religious views. 7 States still has it on their books that atheists aren't allowed in political fields. Though these laws can't be enforced, the fact that no one has done anything to remove them should be questioned.

  • Nah fam we aint lettin that happen

    I think cristianity is good because jesus sais so , , so athiests should be banished to hell . Hail jesus mary and joseph !! Athirsts are the bane of the world and they are evil. They are not human they are probably lizard people like hillary cliton . PRAISE DA LORD

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