• Atheism Contradicts the Boy Scouts Organization teachings.

    A quote from the founder of BSA, Baden-Powell: "There is no religious "side" of the movement. The whole of it is based on religion, that is, on the realization and service of God." The BSA was founded to teach religious principles to the youth, and allowing atheists to join would contradict that. Also, they have a right as a non-profit organization to refuse to allow certain people in, so it is not illegal.

  • SHOULD or CAN?

    My problem is with the word "should." SHOULD they? No. The question at hand is that should an organization actually refuse entry to someone who disagrees with them? To that I say no, I think it's a closed-minded point of view. As a private organization they do have the right to exclude whomever they want, but if the question were worded "CAN they exclude" then I would have voted Yes. Just my personal bias - I am not an atheist but I am agnostic. That said, if I had very strong beliefs that conflicted with an organization's very strong beliefs, why would I WANT to be part of a group like that anyway? My advice would be, just let it go, create the "Atheist Scouts of America" and challenge BSA to a Jamboree Olympics.

  • Wrong and A Bad Idea

    Firstly, Boy Scouts is a major organization for developing skills like leadership, so excluding people would deny them access to the resources Boy Scouts offers. Also, religious descrimination is illegal: (https://www.Justice.Gov/crt/title-ii-civil-rights-act-public-accommodations). Secondly, this is actually a really bad idea. Leaders in Boy Scouts could show atheists scripture and teach them about Christianity, potentially converting some scouts. I'm not for forcing scouts to convert, but I'm for giving scouts information and letting the scouts decide.

    If the atheist is a scout leader, as long as they don't break any rules, I don't think they should be kicked out either.

  • No they SHOULDN'T be

    However the boy scouts claim to be a public religious organization, so they have the right to exclude whoever they want to. Honestly, if you are an atheist why would you choose to attend a community event that is run by a religious group? There are many other groups that do not have a religious bias.

  • They definitely shouldn't.

    I am a boy scout, and this is ridiculous. Why would they kick people out for what they believe in? I think that this is even hypocritical. One of the 12 points is “Reverent”, which is being open to others beliefs. If you're so open, then why would some people be kicked out BECAUSE of what they believe. I am an Atheist, and if I even told anyone, I would be kicked out.

  • No, for one simple reason:

    If you start kicking Atheists out of the Boy Scouts, you will be setting a dangerous precedent that would equally allow for Theists to be kicked out of other organisations. Now if only i had something more to say because i still have a few more words to write... Done!

  • Most religions are allowed in Boy Scouts, so how is no god crossing the line?

    There are plenty of religions in the BSA, there are Mormons, Jews, Christians, Evangelicals, so why not let the Atheists have fun. The idea of Boy Scouts is to let the kids have fun and build "character". So what if a kid comes out as an Atheist? I don't think anyone has the right to end his fun just for what he believes after all freedom of religion is something Boy Scouts have to accept and know, that includes no religion.

  • God is an idea of good, not a thing to worship

    Worshiping piece of paper or scroll should be optional, and it is again, I repeat; God is an idea, an embodiment of good and should not be a thing to check about people. Religion has caused so many good things, but it has caused many conflicts too. I think Atheists should not be kicked out of B.S.

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