• Buy buy buy!

    Atheists should buy acts of God insurance because just because you do not believe in something, does not mean it cannot harm you/ your valuables. If they offered insurance for unicorn attacks, I would buy it. Or maybe I am just paranoid. But that does not invalidate my point! Atheists, buy insurance!

  • Atheists should almost always go out of their way to exploit loopholes in religious fallacy, just to prove the point.

    There was a woman on a newsprogram last year in America. Her entire community was razed by a Tornado, but her house stood, I think, or maybe she just survived. I think it was Wolf Blitzer, kept asking her if she "Thanked God for sparing her?" She looked him straight and told him she didn't believe in God, and he gibbed up. It was the best. An Atheist organization eventually sent her a fair sum of money for rebuilding her life.

    I think it's absolutely hilarious that some participants in this debate, who might be religious (or might not), want to say that because Atheists don't believe, they shouldn't be entitled to compensation. 1) It's a social/economic contract that has nothing to do with the church, nor with you, 2) do you actually believe that God is laying waste to these people's homes purposefully? How is that jiving with your New Testament revision? And 3) If these participants are devout, why are they so cold-hearted and stingy? Is that how their book teaches them to treat other human beings? It's sad. It's really, really sad that people can be so ignorant to one another.

  • In Case of Theistic Intolerance.

    In case I get bashed by a theist for my Atheistic stance and comments.
    They think they are acting In place of or for God, therefore I need insurance against their acts of/for God.
    As I'm likely to get a lot of them very hot under the collar, since my studies into theology and the history of religion, might get up some naive and extremely ignorant noses.
    LOL :-D~

  • Figure of speech

    Act of God" is a figure of speech reflective of a predominately religious society. It would be ill advised to boycott products and services because there is some mention of a deity, especially considering the commonality of it. Atheist should not limit choices because of society's preferred common vernacular, and it is not equivalent to affirming belief in a deity.

  • I'm not wasting my money on that!

    Really, with the prices rising and incomes lowering, nobody can afford to waste their money on this. If they introduce Acts of God insurance for Atheists, then I will be writing a letter of complaint to Jeffery immediately. I do not want to have to spend my money on something new, especially something that I will probably never use.

  • Atheists don't believe in god.

    Atheists should not buy insurance for acts of God because they don't believe in God. Insurance should cover reasons for accidents that are specific and explain exactly what is and is not covered. Acts of God is vague and may or may not cover different things. Atheists should not purchase faith based and non-specific insurance.

  • They do not believe

    No Atheists should not buy insurance for acts of God because they do not believe in God. It would be hypocritical of Atheists to buy insurance for acts of God because it goes against what they believe in. If they did buy insurance for such acts then they would not be atheists.

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