• Yes they should

    They have holidays for other things so I don't see why there's anything wrong with celebrating atheism. People get to raise their children making them think that one fake guy watches over and sees everything. Why can't atheists do the same? No harm is being done, therefore it should be okay.
    -Coming from an atheist 16 year old with a Baptist mom and Catholic father

  • I don't see why not

    They have secretary day and mother's day and AIDS awareness day and a day for all sorts of things. I think Atheists need a day to make people aware that they exists and aren't devil worshipers who hate God. The public needs to know more about Atheism and a holiday would bring out awareness.

  • No special holiday for atheists.

    Atheists should definitely not have their own holiday. Nearly every holiday has a religious overtone to it in our country and the idea that an atheists would have their own religious holiday is bordering on absurd. They are more than welcome to celebrate with "believers" but to create a new holiday for atheists is just simply wrong!

  • Christmas is pagan

    Believe it or not, Christmas was celebrated even before the birth of Christ. It was actually celebrated before to welcome in the winter solstice. Plus, the gospel accounts in the Bible don't put an exact date on the birth of Jesus. During this pagan celebration there was a purge so to speak, which was believed to destroy "evil forces." However, I'm going off topic a bit. My point is that Christmas started as a holiday for all in Western Civilization, adopted by the Christians to stop such pagan acts, and has now become so secularist as every major holiday by all religions that it isn't even necessary for them to need a holiday. Holidays even with religious origins are now holidays for all.

  • Because no religious ideology should have a holiday

    I'm an atheist. I celebrate Christmas because its a time for being kind and caring for one another and coming together as friends and family. I don't celebrate it for any religious reasons because togetherness is not confined to just one religion and is in fact in our basic human nature.

    I don't consider any holiday I support to be religious but based on events, people and thanks. Fathers Day is saying thanks to your Dad, Mothers Day says thanks to your Mum, July 4th celebrates America's independence and Bank Holiday is simply giving people a day off!

    None of these holidays are based on any religious ideology.

  • Atheists do not need a holiday

    Atheism is not a religion, by creating a holiday it is showing the world that we are one unified group holding the exact same interpretation of science and the universe. Since many atheists hold a variety of different opinions concerning the beginning of the universe and other things, creating a holiday would give the world the wrong message. Creating a holiday dedicated to a variety of scientific beliefs would be futile and would be the next step in making atheism an organization and even close to a religion. Therefore creating this holiday would destroy the essence of atheism.

  • Atheists should not have their own holiday.

    We have enough holidays as there is! Next we will have Baptist day, or Catholic day. Also, what would they be celebrating? My nephew is atheist, and he enjoys all the holidays as the rest of the family. He just doesnt believe the religious aspect of it. To declare another holiday would be non productive.

  • No, since anyone is free to celebrate any holiday on any day they want, it doesn't need to be nationalized.

    Atheists can celebrate and not celebrate any holiday they want. I also think that Christians, Jews, and Muslims can celebrate any holiday they want. I'm an atheist and I do celebrate Christmas with my family. That is my choice. Technically, everyday is atheist day. A holiday might help more people come out as an atheist, but I doubt it.

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dirtygabbchez says2013-04-03T21:48:28.040
Holy Day and atheist don't go hand in hand. Plain and simple.