Should atheists not be allowed in the military?

Asked by: Redspectre
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  • Atheists are citizens.

    What the hell? Just because we don't believe in a magical flying wizard man in the sky, it doesn't mean we can't serve our country. I hate to discrimination against atheists; it's uncalled for. We just don't want to believe nonsensical fairy tales. More words are needed. I am writing them.

  • What the Hell man, Atheists are people

    I believe this topic is racist. You want to know why? Well, most Christians want Atheists to be persecuted because we don't believe in whatever they believe in. So basically this Debate is over 'cause clearly if you don't allow an Atheist in the military, that other races cannot join the military. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

  • I am not an Atheist but...

    I am not an Atheist but I have many friends who are, and I would never treat them differently or want them to be treated differently than anyone else. It would be discrimination. We can disagree but that by no means we aren't human brothers and sisters. There are 7 billion of us so we often don't think that way. But our small differences of beliefs shouldn't defeat our overarching need for happiness and prosperity.

  • Why should they be prevented from serving?

    JUst because atheists may not support the religious context that much of the military is centered around doesn't mean that they should be prevented from giving the highest honor to the country. That however doesn't mean that they should prevent others from expressing their own religious beliefs in the military.

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AsianGenius says2014-10-27T03:01:27.440
I think what he's trying to get at is atheists go to hell according to his religion and putting atheists in the military puts them at risk of going to hell because they have higher chance of dying. But i remember I heard something like god loved man so much he gave man a choice about whether or not accept or deny so if god wants people to have a choice, then it is best they do.