Should Atheists or non-believers be allowed to have Easter eggs at Easter?

Asked by: Aaige05
  • Easter isn't a christian holiday

    Easter is originally a pagan holiday(just like Christmas) celebrating the equinox. Easter comes from the word Eostre, the name of the moon god. It was held on the first full moon following the spring equinox.

    Two of Eostre’s most important symbols were the hare (both because of its fertility and because ancient people saw a hare in the full moon) and the egg, which symbolized the growing possibility of new life.

    If non-christians are not allowed to have easter eggs, then christians shouldn't be allowed to celebrate easter at all. It makes you wonder if anything in christianity wasn't stolen from another religion.

  • Nooo! The eggs belong to Jesus!

    Ok, while I support a person rights to maintain their own beliefs, no one can honestly convince me that a bunny who produces eggs (somehow) is only confined to Catholicism. Yes, perhaps if atheists were celebrating the death of Jesus, or mocking the religion, that would be one offensive move. But letting their children paint chicken fetuses doesn't seem relate. I'm not trying to be offensive in any way, but the holiday and the message are very different things.

  • Of course they are!

    As long as they don't practice the religious part of Easter or any holiday that has a religious aspect to it. I give gifts at Christmas, but does that make me a Christan? No! Just have fun on Easter or whenever. As an atheist myself I have pondered this question myself. I came to the conclusion that I have given you. Have a nice day!

  • Agh ... Yeah? Is there anyone saying they cannot?

    There is nothing particularly religious about either the Eastern Bunny or Easter Eggs. I mean if atheists would rather celebrate a magical egg laying bunny than the resurrection of Jesus and the triumph of grace over the wages of sin? By our guest.

    We might even join you, as its good fun for children. But only after we teach them about concepts like grace, selflessness, sacrifice, Love, and atonement.

  • I don't see how not.

    Holidays aren't necessarily products of religion--they're mainly products of society and culture as a whole.

    Can atheists celebrate Easter? This is like asking--
    --Can an atheist vocalist sing Bach's chorales?
    --Can an atheist architect design churches or mosques?
    --Can a christian vocalist sing John Lennon's ''Imagine''?
    --Can a christian read L. Ron Hubbard's books?
    --Can a flat-earther wear a NASA T-shirt?
    --Can a French person celebrate Mayo de Cinco?

    The list goes on and on.

  • Who are we to stop them?

    If someone wishes to eat chocolate eggs then let them. Society changes the true meaning of things as time progresses. While I am a religious person, I still think that maybe Easter doesn't have that same religious meaning anymore and it has just developed into a commercial holiday. Besides if people want to do something who are we to stop them from doing it?

  • I don't see how you could stop them

    But it is important for Atheists to remember that Easter is an extremely important Christian holiday. It is fine if they want to celebrate it but they should not stop people from expressing Christian views and celebrating in a Christian way. It should not have to be politically correct. Schools should be able to talk about the true meaning too.

  • It's just any other holiday like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Christmas

    I celebrate all of the above (though I've never had a boyfriend, I give to other people) and I'm agnostic. Valentine's Day is about romance and love. Christmas isn't only for religious people. It's about love, friends, and family. And it's a week before the new year. Why do you think it's so sentimental?

    St. Patrick's Day is a day where we wear all of green and if we don't we get pinched.

    Sometimes doing crazy stuff is good for us.

    That's why we celebrate Easter. I mean, if Easter was only for the religious, how would you think the children would feel? We all must have been like them when we were their ages!

  • How are easter eggs Christian?

    Easter eggs are only a tradition. They have nothing to do with Christianity. You can have as many Easter eggs during Easter, provided you don't steal them or kill people to acquire them. There aren't even specific things that Christians do during easter that are strictly religious by themselves and not just tradition (with the exception of Catholicism and Orthodoxy, who revere tradition).

  • Not Easter Traditions Are Religious. Not All Easter Traditions Are Religious.

    The Easter Bunny & Easter Eggs are perfect examples. It's still a bit of a mystery as to why "Easter" was attached to either. There is nothing religious about them. Yet, they managed to get thrown into the mix. Perhaps, it was because bunnies & eggs naturally remind people of Spring? Easter is celebrated in Spring, too. They could have just as easily been called "Spring Bunnies" & "Spring Eggs". In fact, the latter would have probably been more fitting.


  • How dear you

    How dear a nonbeliever take our sacred traditions and heritage. If you can't take the heat you can't eat the cake as they say. If you don't believe in our lord and savior Jesus Christ you have no right to partake in our sacred traditions. If I'm not Muslim I can't not eat pork. If I'm not Jewish I can't throw my wife out for Passover. If you are not a born again child of God you cannot have Easter eggs on Easter.

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