Should atheists try to disprove the existence of God?

  • Is God incoherent?

    It seems like most people rely on a purely empiricist approach to proving or disproving of God. In other words, we can't disprove/prove God because there is no physical evidence confirming our case, but why not rely on reason? God can be incoherent as a married bachelor or a squared circle and that demonstration would be enough to show God does not exist. So let's think of arguments that will accomplish this task if we are to show that atheism is true. The intellectual laziness of "The BOP is solely on theists, not me, I'll just use my atheism as a license to sit back and refute your arguments with no need to offer any substantive argument" should end the sooner the better. And even if the atheist succeeds in refuting every theistic argument, that leaves us with agnosticism since the failure of an argument doesn't mean the rejection of the conclusion. If I fail to argue that Socrates was mortal through a fallacious premise, that wouldn't change the validity/invalidity of the conclusion "Socrates was mortal." In summation, we need arguments from atheism as well in order to have a well-thought out discussion.

  • I can't see why not.

    There should be no reason a person can or can't disprove something. That simple idea is silly. Why? Because it's blasphemous? Boo hoo. Most nonreligious people such as myself should stick to their beliefs in a personal matter and not stretch it out so greatly in an arrogant manner. However, we shouldn't stay silent either. We have a voice, and although sometimes we try to take on things that may not have the ability to be proven, that isn't the question here. The question is if Atheists should try and disprove the Biblical God. Maybe it isn't full on possible, but there are a lot of theories and ideas that make the idea sound ridiculous. It's not 100%, but there isn't a big way to actually disprove the existence of something with infinite power who is invisible/not exist in our plane of existence. I see no reason in at least TRYING to disprove it. After all, there is that one step taken to not believe, might as well take it further as to why you don't and build beyond that goal.

  • Why not balance the situation out?

    Theists try to prove the existence of God. I recognize that atheists can come across as overly confident and arrogant, but this is only because we see so many religious people who act the same way that we just become numb to the trend. Besides, neither atheism nor theism has a real place in the government; everyone has the right to his or her religious beliefs.

  • Shouldn't even be a question.

    Why must we religious time and time again be forced to prove our beliefs in our religions? Unless we are a part of the sheeple in our religions, we have valid reasons for believing in God or gods. I myself am a Catholic. I get so frustrated when I see religious people--don't even have to be Christians--stomped on because they aren't apologists for their faith and haven't prepared themselves for that kind of thing. Yes, you should have a good idea of why you believe, but atheists and agnostics shouldn't crucify you 'cause you're not a scientist who can use laws of crap and formulas of who-the-hell-cares to make your point. If we have to do it, then atheists must be REQUIRED to do the same. Explain why you think everything fell into place just by accident. Show me the math. Show me the science. Show me the facts. Your move.

    Stumped? I thought as much. Do more research, then come back.

  • Look at the facts

    There are a lot of things that prove God does exist, and a lot of things that prove he doesn’t, people from the BC era built the church and all the other religious structures in honor to God because they believe the same story you believe. The man who wrote the Bible did so to become popular and to sell his “book” for one thing, the “root of all evil” money, why do you think the church asks for so much of your money, not to help the homeless, but to send it straight to the man behind it all, another man created the Catholic religion, if there really was a God, he wouldn’t need someone to create a religion about him there would just be a religion about him. You don’t have to worry about going to Hell when you die, Hell doesn't exist because the human body is made up of mostly water, which when exposed to the extreme heat of lava or a “Sea of fire” creates steam, they wouldn’t slowly melt, there body’s would generate steam, explosively. From the Bible’s view on the evolution of mankind, God created Adam, and from Adam’s ribs came Eve I’m sorry not only is that impossible, It’s just down right stupid, and these two are supposed to created all of humanity, from what we know about genetics, if you were to make a baby with a sibling, the child would be pretty messed up, were talking eleven toes messed up, if Adam and Eve’s children were to make more children with each other to populate the entire planet imagine how messed up humanity would be. Because humanity is so desperate for an answer on how it all began people will make this kind of thing up, and if they do it correctly, people will truly believe that, and even go as far as giving them money or even getting a little extreme. And finally the one fact that proves God is fake is that his religion is the only religion, what about the other religions like Buddhism, oh no they can’t exist because there not God right, there not a part of your religion therefore they don’t exist, that’s the one that gets me.

  • Evolution is key.

    Theism has been disproved time and time again, shear ignorance is the only thing theists of any religion have that proves their deities. Its like me saying humans and fish can breed, someone tells me I'm wrong and I say, no you are the skeptic, YOU prove to ME we CAN'T and go have sex with a fish. And he does, and says see I did NOT get that fish pregnant, then I make more excuses. You just aren't fertile, I might say. It's just ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity.

  • The Enigmatic Truth

    I find it fascinating to having contemplated all the top 10 proofs against the existence of a God and the top 10 proof for the existence of a God. What has arisen is that often those that try and Disprove a god of any kind often simply provide evidence for the existence of a God of some kind that is significantly more profound than the mere puppet deities of philosophers and the religious that even the Deistic concept pales in comparison. This in turn is cited as reason enough by the religious for a belief. In reverse those that try to prove their god using their limited understanding of fundamentals of valid science and Victorian/Edwardian errors in any camp and use only their Holy Books as some sort of science manual often fail to justify anything and ultimately disprove the god they proclaim so much considering in most cases it is a poorly constructed mish-mash-blender-mix hybrid thing of several others into some ultimate monistic monotheistic immaterial brain thing absorbing stuff like a spiritual/ religious Borge type entity. In short those that argue against a God prove a God, those that argue for a God disprove a God. So i believe personally it is not A God that needs to be denied and disproved but instead the Religious Borge Cult God of holy-bull texts and their double talk mind games. I find it reasonable enough to put down the fake construct of Judaism as a bi-gendered beast, the Christian three headed monster, and Islamic Invisible dyslexic all of which stem from the Brahmanistic Pythagorean Construct and all the rest of the sub-cult-religions that are little more than the waistland of these philosophic debris they all pick up and called Occult. I would be careful and advise the atheist not to come off as All Knowing without truly digging deep into the factors of the core principles of theologies avoiding all the subversive coverings and follow the patterns not the presumptions and present things in that manner and be ethical in this and careful to not misquote such figures as Einstein to support a view he never supported but also not invalidate the valid ethics within all religions that do hold shared principles of humanitarian, and unsheathe this from the inhumanism that warps it all.

  • They have the right to try, although that does not mean they will be successful.

    They could try, but that does not mean they will be very successful. In history, there will always be some sort of pessimist kind of people that oppose a bandwagon(trend) people follow. Atheists' views are pessimistic because they believe that when they die... THE END (and no sequel)! Even the "facts" that they use against God are mostly theories thus vague (either the theory could go along with God or against him). Most importantly (why atheists should try), is because they need to test the faith of others. If they test the faith of devout people yet failed to do so, the latter accomplished in keeping a strong faith therefore strengthening his faith in his religion.

  • Christians try to convert, why can't atheists?

    A large part of Christianity is trying to convert "nonbelievers," spreading "the word" and the religion as a whole. Nobody condemns Christians for trying to prove God exists, why should society condemn atheists for trying to disprove the existence of a higher being? In America, citizens have freedom of religion. I could start a group worshiping a sandwich if I so desired. We have no right as a society to prevent atheists from spreading their beliefs.

  • I think that a healthy mind enjoys to express his/her feelings.

    I'm a non denominational Christian and I enjoy to respond on behalf of my position because my objective is not to defend a particular belief, but to use the voice of reason to influence people in a positive way. People should not be offended by a different religion, if an Atheist wants to express his/her religious beliefs to a Theist and both have an attitude to simply determine what is and what is not true (eliminating popular opinions) it would be a very intellectual argument.

  • Atheists should not try to disprove the existence of God because atheism is mundane.

    Many theists try to spread their religions because they feel as if their religious beliefs are extremely important and can lead to an eternity of paradise. On the other hand, many atheists try to spread their beliefs because they are annoyed or discomforted by religious evangelism, and they want evangelists to share in their discomfort and annoyance of being preached to. Alas, as a Christian, I believe that those who are unconnected to God at death will suffer an eternity of pain. Ergo, I spread my religious beliefs in hope that I am helping to bring others into eternal paradise. Yet, many atheists are not trying to disprove God to help others; they are trying to disprove God to discomfort and annoy the theists who merely want to share eternal paradise with them.

  • Why bother?

    Apart from the fact that it is impossible to disprove the existence of a deity, the faithful wouldn't accept the evidence presented to them even if it were possible. Besides that, people have the right to believe in whatever they want to, just so long as it doesn't harm others, and I don't evangelise about science because I don't want to be evangelised by Christians.

  • Should muslims try to convert you to islam?

    People have their beliefs, respect that. Atheists trying to disprove god are trying to "convert" someone to atheism, they're trying to shatter one's beliefs. That shouldn't be done, if people want to believe in god, fine. I don't care what you believe in, as long as you respect my beliefs which = don't try to disprove or prove anything.

  • No, it is impossible

    It is impossible to prove there is no god. Atheists would have to specifically rule out every single god humanity can imagine. There is a famous example of a teapot somewhere in space. While it is extremely easy to claim there is a teapot floating around out there, it would be very difficult to prove without a doubt there is no teapot there. It would be easy to show that a teapot is not likely to be found, but very hard to prove it is definitely not there.

  • No, you can't prove the non-existence of something.

    It is easy to prove the existence of's kind of like "Big Foot". Find one instance of Big Foot in the world and you have proved his existence. Trying to prove the negative of something is far harder, impossible really, because your proof is always subject to the finding of it by somebody. No, Atheism is a belief much the same as belief in God, and both are subject to the same tough requirements regarding proof.

  • Atheists Should Stay In Their Lane

    There is a rend and habit of atheists trying to disprove God and those that believe in him. I think this is a waste of time. If you do not believe, then that is fine, but do not bother people and waste time trying to convince others. Let people believe what they believe. Trying to disprove God and sway others comes off as insecure.

  • It's not our job to disprove anything

    Atheists simply look at some evidence that theists bring forth that they think proves thier god and we look at it and decide if we consider it actual proof. Evidence is not automatically proof of anything greater than the evidence itself. Evidence is just facts that exist. A theist is using a bunch of facts that exist to try and prove something that nobody can physically see, hear, touch, smell, or examine. Evolution on a larger timescale does the same thing because the idea itself is beyond our human timescale to examine directly.

  • Believe whatever you want, and have healthy debates, but people's beliefs need to be respected at the end of the day.

    As a Catholic, obviously i believe in the existence of god through my own personal experiences. I have friends who are atheists or lapsed faith and have healthy debates with them, both putting forward arguments for and against and why we both believe that way. But we have to respect a person's faith, whether you are a believer om god or not, we cant try and change that person's belief, whether we agree with them or not. If we don't respect people's beliefs, then we become close minded and ignorant. One thing that annoys me is people like Richard Dawkins, who is a total atheist, and fair enough, he has that right to believe whatever he wants, but why go out of your way to try and disprove the existence of a deity? That makes him as close minded as people who are in your face with their religion, forcing it down people's necks, which isn't the way to convert people in my opinion, while as Catholics and Christians as a whole, are supposed to convert non believer's, I think it has to be done in a gentle way, and gently encourage a person who is open to the idea of learning more about the faith. I think if people knew more about the miracles that happen around the world then there would be allot less atheists, miracles like Medjigourje where the visions of Our Lady, which are happening now and have been for the last 20-25 years, or the likes of Saints who's bodies never decompose and remain as the day they died, small things that the church could do more to promote, but this is the time we live in i guess. Some Atheists will try and use science to disprove, but i am of the opinion that the likes of evolution could still be guided by a creator, i dont see why they need to be apposed to one another, the bible was never meant to be a history book, is a book to save souls, a book to teach faith, not dates and figures, the bible was written by people under god's influence, but i always think god displays things to us in ways we can understand, how many people 2000+ years ago would have been able to understand evolution? I wont try and force any person to believe in God, we all have free will, and have the right to believe whatever we choose, whatever works for us, we should to engage in healthy debates like this site, people are putting forward their own ideas but not forcing any person to believe in one or the other, and is how it should be.

  • What a waste of time

    Do what you want but realize it is a pointless goal in life to try to make others think the way you do on religeon. For both sides. Yes religeon can do harm when it is used for greed and hate but that is human nature. I know a lot of atheisit who are breeding hate towards christians and think it is okay because "christianity is harmful" and yet that is the same logic of any past genocides that have used religeon as an excuse to try to make everyone believe the same.

  • What a waste of time

    Do what you want but realize it is a pointless goal in life to try to make others think the way you do on religeon. For both sides. Yes religeon can do harm when it is used for greed and hate but that is human nature. I know a lot of atheisit who are breeding hate towards christians and think it is okay because "christianity is harmful" and yet that is the same logic of any past genocides that have used religeon as an excuse to try to make everyone believe the same.

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Anonymous says2013-06-25T00:46:11.997
The burden of proof is on the people making the claims that god is real.. Atheist are just people that dont accept the claim of god.. Thats all